Adult vs Normal HoG

Since the launch of the Hosted Games app I’ve seen many games that would never fly before, A Kiss From Death I’m looking at you, or even imo, the Archangel Job .

As someone who generally writes Adult fiction this has made the process easier on me, because I would not consider mine nearly as graphic. My newer stuff that is.

My question, however, is this: How much would I have to modify gore for it to be advertisable out of the Adult content category? I think it’s a great thing, but I’m having a hard time receiving the amount of feedback I would like on my newest project.

Removing sex is no issue for me, as it’s not the main focus of it at all.

I’ve perused some threads, and honestly there doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer. And any answer is from three years ago. Hard to tell what has and hasn’t changed over that time. I would really like to get feedback from the general users of this site and truly don’t mind modifying my narrative to fit in these early stages, but I also don’t know where the line is drawn and do not wish to cause alarm for people or break rules.

I guess an example of something I changed: An abomination looms over her, roiling flesh sitting atop an amalgam of bones. It’s rotten and fetid, sluicing off the creature in a pulsating mass. Hollow eyes meet hers, a gaping maw filled with thousands of teeth gurgling a delighted shriek. Putrid air streams from its mouth in a plume of mist.

It used to be far more descriptive. Would that be too much? What about: You move in close, silent and graceful as a dancer, slashing your blade through the meat of his thigh.

He falls with a grunt of pain, clutching at the wound on the back of his leg. You move to the uninjured side, taking a few quick steps to dodge his flailing arm as he tries to grab you. You snatch his arm as you face his front, lifting it up before you stab into his armpit, shoving up and then down, twisting as the blade pierces his heart. The thug tenses, almost surprised, before he slumps down. It’s a quick death.

I feel like I’ve seen things of the same nature and just wanted to make sure my revised versions were general Hosted Games appropriate.


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I wasn’t under the impression that gore was considered “adult content” for purposes of that category. The WIP threads for Zombie Exodus, The Vampire Regent, and Zoo-pocalypse were all posted in the main forum, and they are all far gorier than your sample text here. Whiskey-Four, too.


It mentions excess violences or gore for a shock factor so I wasn’t sure how much I would need to water it down. That’s just an example of watered down versions of stuff already in there.

I just want to be a responsible community member and not break rules or hurt feelings is all.

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What you’ve shared here is far, far short of excessive or gratuitous.

Do you have the original version of these passages? If you don’t want to post it here, you can DM me. The ultimate decision isn’t up to me, of course, but I can tell you how it compares to the works I mentioned in the previous post.


I’m about to head to bed, but I can send some excerpts that I’m unsure about in the morning then. Thanks for your responses thus far.

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You’re very welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Miles from inappropriate. You’ll be fine, go ahead and post your draft without worrying about watering it down.


Honestly, Hosted published Jun / Junko without much fuss. I don’t think anyone has ever tried to do it either after or before Devon, so go nuts. I’d like to see more LIs like Jun.


I can’t speak for CoG as a company obviously, but none of the examples you gave seem excessive or overly graphic. The only thing as far as the amount of descriptiveness goes is that sometimes less is more. Sometimes, not every little detail has to be described down to the hair.


Ah, thank you. :slight_smile:

Seconding Jun/ko.

The whole point of the hosted games section is that is is less moderated than the offical games by actual authors. If Jun/ko was allowed then I think that very little would not be allowed.

And on deciding whether or not something is adult content or not, I just ask myself, “Would I show this to my 12 year-old sister?” And I usually get the answer from there.

The extract you provided is something that I’d be okay with showing her.

Usually kids love violence. I remember showing my friends fatalities from then freshly-released Mortal Kombat X and we had fun doing that, same goes for fatalities from the reboot. Me and my friends had fun play fighting each other, all that jazz… I would not usually trust showing something to a kid as a metric. I was reading Bussenar at 9.


That’s fair. I know i sure as hell was.

It usually isn’t violence that makes me decide. It things like, sex, usage of drugs, vulgarity.

Keeping that in mind, i’d be okay with showing my sister things if all it is, is just violence. Goinh back to Jun’ko as an example, I sure as hell would not show her Jun/ko. Yes, he/she is violent, but there is a lot of sexual content and that is where I would draw the line.

With all this in mind, I’d say SoH is fine for kids until book 2 where the first sex scene is.

And to elaborate on the vulgarity, I don’t mean fuck, shit, etc. I mean more horrid language, rascist slurs for example.


Funnily enough, doesn’t SoH have a fairly large chunk of teen fanbase? I sure remember discovering it pretty early and it being quite up my alley.

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From what ive seen from both your wips ive played your perfectly fine as is :smiley: thats the short anwser i have from my experiance in playing many games from the companies that have allready been published.

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