The Last Monster Master: Will your monsters save the world, or destroy it?


We’re proud to announce that The Last Monster Master, the latest in our popular “Choice of Games” line of multiple-choice interactive-fiction games, is now available for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and, via the Chrome Web Store, Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Will your monsters save the world, or destroy it? As a Monster Master, you’ll telepathically train wild monsters to be treasure guardians, royal pets, or giant stone masons. As war breaks out with the kingdom to the north, will you train monsters to be vicious soldiers and mindless power generators?

“The Last Monster Master” is an epic 250,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Ben Serviss, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

How you care for your monsters will determine their fate–and yours–as the your kingdom faces a grave threat. Can you discipline your monsters with gentle compassion, or will you use cruel punishments to bring them in line? Will you lead your monsters to victory and prosperity? Or will you go down in history as the last Monster Master?

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How do you keep Abe from becoming disappointed?

When will this be on steam?


Quite the Christmas rush this year!


Here’s the deal. Valve gives us “app credits” which we can use to release games on Steam. They’ll give us N credits, which is always fewer than the number of games we have coming out, so we have to pick and choose how we use them.

Our goal is to maximize the number of app credits they’ll give us in the future, so we try to pick games that will appeal to Steam buyers. We prefer to do simultaneous releases, launching the game on Steam, iOS, and Android all on the same day, but we also like to choose games that are already known to be bestsellers on other platforms. These goals contradict each other.

If we had unlimited app credits, we’d release everything on Steam at launch.

Having just launched Robots and Psy High, we’re currently tapped out. If/when Valve gives us more credits, we’ll release more games on Steam. If The Last Monster Master is a big hit, that will bode well for an early 2015 Steam release. If not, it’ll still be on the list, but other games might jump ahead of it in line.

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This game doesn’t sound like much, but it’s actually really fun and has a good amount of replay value. It’s pretty big too, and the writing was much better than I expected of a game that is seems much more focused on gameplay than story.

I really bonded with the monsters, they all had their own distinct personality and manners. You really get this feeling of being responsible for this your critters.

On the cons side I will say the stats can fluctuate wildly. I spend about 85% of the game as an X type, made a couple of wrong choices at the endgame, and bam, suddenly I’m all the way to Y type and everyone treat me like I was always Y type, despite the pains I took to keep to X type choices. It’s kinda annoying.


The game is moderately interesting and worth the $2.99, but not my favorite. Jackrabbit’s right about wildly-fluctuating stats, and I particularly disliked the way the ending was determined.

Fact is, the basic thrust of the ending is not subject to player influence, and to the extent that you can influence the ending, it’s based on factors that you wouldn’t even think about. The apparent plot of the second half of the game is completely irrelevant because of a Man Behind The Man situation. And even winning a victory just means that one particular asshole isn’t around to take control. Kind of lame.


This game is interesting. I played it last night. I noticed it was on sale at 2.99. I found that curious. If it’s on sale at 2.99. What’s the regular price 5 dollars. I couldn’t help myself tried it last night. Already I played it twice. It’s different. The story is original.

How you treat your monsters impacts the story in a small way later on. Without revealing spoilers. I found the middle part to be less interesting then I did then the start of the game. The build up to the ending was not exactly great. I felt the monsters could used more detail.

During the game you call on the monsters by name and line their personality and stats to a job. It’s easy to get them confused with other monsters. Overall. I don’t regret the choice. Some things I would like to see added. I’m happy with it though.


Loved every minute of the story! I really enjoyed developing the monsters and seeing where they ended up career wise. I struggled with making choices because I was very invested in the monsters. So much of the game was me thinking about the monsters personalities and trying to figure out the most desirable outcome for them based on those choices. I especially struggled with the training regimen. Should I push this monster especially hard or will that cause more harm than good?

I have to say, my favorite monster is Oggin (He is always named that in my games now, the small one in the first group). I have played through twice and have had him end up a stud both times, although I didn’t exactly change up his training to focus on a different career path.


So is their a way to get the guy you meet in the being of the game to fund your school? Or will he always just give you crest to put up?


The game was generally well done. The best thing, in my opinion, was the characterization of the monsters you look after, each having different personalities unique to themselves. The training and the dialogue sessions both lend to bring those to the forefront.

My largest complaint lies with the constant tug-of-war with the Compassion vs. Discipline aspect and the struggle with the Respect and Nerve stats. The issue is largely one of interpretation, with the way I see things versus how they are presented in the game. I suppose it could be explained by stating that you merely guide the PC rather than it being a more in game avatar kind of set up. Or that your actions can be misinterpreted by other characters, but that explanation is somewhat flimsy due to an event that happens later in the game concerning ones point of view and another character.


I had these problems with it as well, a single small choice seemed to send me wildly careening off in a different direction. Which monster freaks out at you seems to be kind of random as well, and their complaints are weird. I had one game where they yelled at me for mistreating Abe, while another was for coddling him…the only difference between them being that I told him the ‘highlights’ when I mistreated him, while I was accused of coddling when I told him everything about the trip to Mereni.


I definitely enjoyed this game, and like most of the Choice of Games it’s well worth the price, though given how low the price is that’s not a hard mark to hit. Mind you, they could charge twice as much and it’d be worth it (to me, anyway). I think overall I liked Choice of Robots more even though it’s shorter, but that might be because I’m a sucker for robots.


Is it possible to get the first monster you meet to not call you greedy if he bonds with you too much?


Was up to the part where you reconfirm your monsters’ career paths, and now the story isn’t loading at all. I get an error notification and then the page is just blank (still on but the story itself won’t load…)
Is restarting the only way to get my story progress back?
I’ve gotten through so much of the story it’d be a bit troublesome to do so …


Does refreshing your browser help?


I’ve tried that, and opening a new window and clicking on the game to start where I left off.
Every time it loads, comes up with a blank page and then this error notification pops up:

chapter5 line 1060: Non-existent command ‘selectiable_if’

I suppose it’s not a big deal if I can’t fix this and need to start over. It’s just annoying to lose all that progress.