The Last Laugh (Work in Progress)

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Ok so a little Progress Update for those who don’t follow me on tumblr: I’ve been working on another wip for a while in order to see if that could help to come back for this one. But it hasn’t done it yet. My og plan was to finish work on chapter 1 of that wip and then come back to this one. Right now though, I’m going back to the planning board with this wip and see if I can replot issue 2. I may rewrite issue 1 a bit as well as now I look at it with new eyes I feel it wasn’t sufficiently developed and rushed out. The coding in particular is a bit of a mess for me and I would like to recode it. So overall my plan is to slowly rebuild this project and see how it comes out the other side.

I will also reiterate the promise I’ve made that I won’t let this project die under any circumstances. No matter how long it takes me to finish it. I know that probably no one thinks that but you never know. Plus my anxiety wouldn’t leave me alone if I didn’t say it. I thank you all of those who keep replying and clicking and even just reading the thread for the last year. I hope you’re all having fun and enjoying what, admittedly, little content this wip has. Have a nice day/night.


I don’t know if this was already asked before but is there an option for MC to side with
Mega-Man/Mega-Woman beat up Vera?!?

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I… don’t think the author can reply back to you, for at least 2 more months but you can still ask them on tumblr, they are pretty active on there


I got that after asking that question, thanks for informing though…

The story is interesting is because it established a good rivalry - you are a clone of a hero or heroine -. Also it allow you to play as hero or villian in a meaningful way.

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Hi everyone, I’m back. Missed you all. Been thinking a lot about this wip for the last two months and I’ll be rewriting issue 1. Not completely but I’ll be changing some stuff to fix some of the pacing and other stuff I feel dissatisfied with. Hopefully I can have something ready by June or July so stay tuned.

Love you all and good day/night. It’s good to be back. :grin:

Edit: To answer your question @Empress_Nightnmare yes, there will be choices like that, but that’s post demo content.


Aw, I was going to replay, but maybe I shouldn’t if you’ll be doing a rewrite… What do you think?

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Go ahead. Maybe you’ll see something you like and don’t want it change. Or maybe you get an idea of something you want in the rewrite. So my advise is replay it. Especially since I don’t know when that rewrite will come. :grin:

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That’s fair!
I’ll check it out again then! It’s been a very long time since I’ve read it!

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“She is Mega-Woman. The most powerful hero on the planet. And you, my sweet, are her clone.”
Was this supposed to be my sweety??

Although a bit classical in terms of fables, and storytelling, the phrase “my sweet” is correct, and many villainess’–such as witches, evil queens/stepmothers, etc–would generically call their opponents by that endearment, be they the protagonist, or maybe someone the protagonist meets.


Or deary. I remember a villain who keep calling her nemesis Sugar.


I just read this today and I find this story interesting.


Lol I want to steal this now. Vera would totally call the hero that. :rofl::rofl:

Edit: Glad to know you liked it TryMe. Hope you like what I have in store


I found a mistake.

I chose Cobra’s method as my secondary go to and when Cobra complains about me being a coward mama dearest said “She punches” while I was playing a male character.


I can’t wait to see what you have in store


I’ll check it out. Thanks!

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Definitely interesting! Looking forward to being the villain!


Posted picrews of Vera and Cobra in my Tumblr blog. Have fun checking them out! :grin: