The Icarus Plagues (WIP)

Hey all! I’m currently working on The Icarus Plagues, which is extremely short and a little rough right now, but will hopefully become something good.

It started of as a project for myself and a few close friends, but enough people showed intrest that it’s here now and I hope you all can enjoy it.


In The Icarus Plagues, you’re one of the Icarus Plagues in the steampunk city of Lanston.

When an important politician dies, it becomes your responsibility to find the soul eating Siren responsible, but when a certain monster comes into your life, it begins to seem like there’s more going on behind the scenes than you thought.

Work with the Plagues in order to control the Siren population in the city; side with the Academy and the Sirens in order to bring the Plagues to their knees and watch them burn; or try your hand at playing both sides for your own gain.


The game feature 4 love interests, one of which is customisable to an extent. Your relationship with these characters and their thoughts on your choices will determine how long they stick around, and maybe even if they make it out alive.

Baxter/Blanche Donovan, a fellow Plague and your easy-going partner. Donovan has spent their whole life fighting for what they think is right, but maybe it’s time you offer them a new perspective.

Alex Clarke, a clockwork mechanic. Alex has had a close working relationship with both the Plagues and the Academy for years, repairing equipment and offering more difficult to acquire weaponry. It may take a little convincing, but they can serve as a powerful ally if given the chance.

Cecil/Cecelia Price, a gun for hire who has spent too much of their life trying to escape the grips of the lower city. They’ll help for a price, but perhaps you can convince them that they’re allowed to let people get close.

Cassidy/Cassius Gray, a Siren, Academy agent, and your “guardian angel”. Cass went missing three years ago, but has suddenly resurfaced with an Academy badge and an insistence that they mean you no harm. But Cass is a rogue Siren, the very thing that the Plagues seek to destroy.

The demo can be found here and I can be easily reached on the official tumblr


Congrats on posting!

Your writing style wasn’t embroidered to the point of being unpalatable - rather, just enough to make the story and the city of Lanston really come to life in my mind. I could smell the rotting garbage of the first scene, then the stale coffee and despair of the Plagues’ office, then the sharp tang of metal in Alex’s basement. I also appreciate the lack of irrelevant customisation options, which isn’t to say that they’re never amusing, for flavour if nothing else - it’s nice not to click through hours of them, and have some defining choices in dialogue to make early on, though.

It took me by surprise that the introductory sequence was in third person, but the rest seems to be in first person. Was there a reason for this choice? My guess is more immersion in the “present” rather than past events, is that why?


One thing I will mention I’d like to see - a “surprise me” option when choosing one’s ideal siren right at the start. I was slightly worried I’d be defining my preferences permanently - this is possibly an unpopular view but I do prefer to pick ROs to pursue after meeting them and personally I like their genders to be pre-established, not molded to me.

Another suggestion, admittedly a bit vague. I appreciate the choices to be affectionate or polite and not outright crush people’s dreams, but I’d like if there were more obviously physical and non physical options - e.g. perhaps my MC would like to comfort Donovan when the Mysterious Siren shows up, but not touch her hand, whether that makes a direct impact or just conveys the MC’s preference for physical affection. Perhaps we aren’t close enough for it, either, but we’re amicable. Something I thought about.

Thoughts on ROs
  • Donovan is quite good company and I imagine her as someone I’d love to spend time with IRL. If she ends up being the MC’s partner all through the game, I’m, well, game for it - as long as I can squeeze more out of her than “Winded.” in future conversations. Perhaps my stats were just too low to hear more? My view aside, if she does remain the MC’s partner/forced company, I can see how she might become stifling if readers aren’t in the mood for constant cheer, especially in the face of death.

  • Alex is cute. They felt pretty realistic in terms of mannerisms and alignment (granted, I might feel differently if I’d gone for the brief description of the Academy). I’m curious to know their and Donovan’s story together, but not so curious that a bond between them would stop my rather blunt MC from announcing her attraction and attempting to elope with them anyway.

I’ll keep an eye on this WiP. Best of luck!
(Edit: mucked up some pronouns.)


Nice demo i’ll definitely be keeping my eye on this one

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Your writing flows well and is quite engaging, so I definitely hope for this thread to pick up some traction! So far, I’m very interested in Donovan, I love the premise of their character, of someone who’s got much more to them than they let on.

The premise and world building sound interesting so far, but I wonder whether I can choose a “surprise me” or both gender options for the ideal siren, because I prefer to play bisexual characters.

Quite interesting so far. Looking forward for more.

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