The Hunt: Demon Eyes [Moved to Twine]

Hello everyone!

I’m tiranka and I’ve been lurking around for a while now.

This story has been moved to twine and can be played here. This thread nor the dashingdon demo will be updated anymore.


You are a hunter, as everyone in your family has been for generations. But what you hunt is much more dangerous than deer or bucks. You hunt the things that lurk in the darkness, the things others believe are merely myths and legends.

It’s all you ever knew, and all you ever did in your life. That is until you went after a demon that was a lot stronger than you anticipated.

Two years later, you wake up in Maidenbrook, the unofficial capital of everything supernatural, of everything you have been taught to hunt down. Surrounded by supernatural beings and no idea what happened during the past years, you try to retrace your steps and learn what the demon did to you. It’s is not an easy task as you try to navigate the supernatural society, which is just as wary of you, as you might be of them.

Whatever you do, remember, the demon is still out there, and it doesn’t seem to be done with you yet.

  • Play as male, female, non-binary, or trans.
  • Play as gay, straight, bi, pan, ace, or aro. Chose romance or go your own way.
  • (Currently) Four romance options that are open for every gender. Two male, two female; one human, one supernatural each.
  • Develop your favored skill sets and pick a weapon of your choice. It’s a dangerous world out there!
  • A good amount of supernatural beings, including but not restricted to demons, werewolves, and vampires.
  • Chose to stick to tradition or try to see the world with new eyes.
  • Solve the mystery of your current predicament and the strangeness the demon left behind. Maybe you can learn something about yourself in the process.
  • A colorful set of characters, ranging from fellow hunters to supernatural beings, some more secretive than others.
  • Try to gain trust. Or lose it to see their reactions change.
  • An unlockable archive. Or just look into it from the start (under construction)
  • Try to contact your uncle! Maybe he and your family are your best bet in this whole mess.
  • Sometimes disturbing descriptions (note the content warnings on the first page!)

Right now, I have four ROs to offer, two male and two female, though I might add some more if there is interest. All ROs can be romanced by any gender.

Bas Reid (RO): A fellow Hunter, who recently left his family behind to start anew. He is a charmer with a knack for witchcraft, much to the dismay of his family. Having only recently moved to Maidenbrook and being a Hunter to boot, he is not the most popular person in the city.

Elian Young (RO): A young man you get to meet as a slightly awkward but very kind person. It seems he has been living in Maidenbrook for several years now and is very close to parts of the supernatural community, while not being completely part of it.

Lupita “Lup” Vaquera (RO): A cheerful young woman who loves trouble almost as much as her pack. Being a born werewolf, she is part of the ‘Old Town’ pack. Despite this, she doesn’t seem to care too much about getting involved in the local community outside of her pack.

Xiuying Zhou (RO): A so-called Rogue, a Hunter that wasn’t born into this lifestyle. Harsh and at first glance stand-offish, she is anything but happy to be stuck in a city full of supernaturals and even less so when she runs into you.

Nasim: The owner of a local shop for witchcraft. Eccentric, playful, and curious are a few ways to describe the ancient being, which is luckily in a mood to help you. They seem to know everyone and have a seemingly endless supply of… everything.

Theodor “Theo” Cossini: The alpha of the local pack and the owner of “The Den,” a bar that functions as his pack’s main meeting place. His face rarely gives anything away about his thoughts or emotions, and he is generally a stoic and quiet character. Still, he seems very protective of his pack and a certain shop-owner.

Veye: A member of the Council, the political elite of the supernatural community, not only in Maidenbrook but all over the world. You and your circumstances have piqued her interest just enough to offer you support. Calm and friendly, she is also known to be ruthless towards her enemies and ambitious in her endeavors.

RO Art

All portraits were created by theifwerelost on tumblr. Please check them out they’re great!

Bas Reid

Elian Young

Lupita Vaquera

Xiuying Zhou

Extra Stories/ Snippets

Lupita Vaquera- Eleven Going on Twelve
Lupita Birthday short fic; ~1400 words
Tumblr link

Bas Reid- Doubt Comes In
300 follower milestone short fic; ~1400 words
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Nasim- If they were a RO
500+ words; undefined MC; they/them pronouns
Tumblr link

Theo- If he was a RO
500+ words, undefined MC; he/him pronouns
Tumblr link

Veye- If she was a RO
490+ words, undefined MC; she/her pronouns
Tumblr link

Bas/Elian/MC- Poly example
360+ words of morning cuddles, undefinded MC, 2nd person
Tumblr link

Lupita/Xiuying/MC- Poly example
490+ words, undefiened MC, second person
Tumblr link

Elian Young- Egypt 1923
600 follower milestone on tumblr; ~1400 words
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Nasim- Arrival
Backstory short; +1400 words
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Halloween Special 2020
Spoilers; +1500 words
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  • Balancing the stats (maybe add another character stat?)
  • Cleaning up the stat screen
  • Chapter titles and general aesthetics
  • Editing to clean up repetitions
  • (Editing variables?)
  • Achievements?
  • Archive
  1. Feb. 21:
  • Added part 1 of chapter 3 (the second half of chapter 3 is missing, as well as two branches in the published part. The combat scene is heavily summarized so far.)
  • Added a character description tab to the stats.
  • Added option to present as masculine/feminine/androgyn for non-binary MCs.
  • Added option to have more than one accessory (beanie/scarf, headscarf/scarf etc.)
  • Merged the professional stats to the front of the stat screen to make for a better overview when checking stats.
  • Removed the option for throwing knives and a single dagger to ease the workload in future combat scenes.
  • Veye has her first appearance.
  1. Sep. 20:
  • Added Chapter 2: Xiuying’s route & interlude
  • Added interlude to Bas’ route
  • Rewrote Bas’ flirt option, for easier coding of preferences
  • Rewrote the drink/don’t drink choice in chapter 1
  • Deleted Lupita’s first flirt option, added a second one to Chapter 2, Xiuying path
  • Added achievements for testing purposes
  • Minor coding/ balancing fixes
  • Changes to stat bar colors (not applicable to dashingdon)
  1. Jul. 20:
  • Removed ‘Inventory’ from stats
  • Added first draft of archive in stats
  • Added ‘Trust’/ ‘Wariness’ stat in relationships
  • Added visible Romance counter for relationships
  • Added conditions to prologue & ch1
  • Added choices to ch1
  • Added part 1 of ch2 & Bas’ route
  • Rewrote certain sections, wording & grammar in prologue & ch1
  1. Apr. 20: Edit chapter 1, reupload to include new title
  2. Apr. 20: Added a little varity to the end of chapter 1
  3. Apr. 20: Uploaded chapter 1

Play the Demo here!
You can also find me on Tumblr or Discord!
There you can also find a FAQ/ Info sheet you might find some answers there already.
If you feel like you have too much money, I do like coffee :wink:


Will definitely keep an eye on this. Can’t wait for more.

I really like how you describe stuff :slight_smile:


Very good I love the introduction… looking forward to more of this story.


this is fun read


Oh yeah, this is right up my alley. A bit too early to give any valid criticism, but may I suggest that we be able to choose some of our physical characteristics when we’re facing the demon? It has our face, after all.
Not much to say beyond that, can’t wait to start saving people and hunting things, the family business.


If we have the possibility to meet vampires in the story would it be possible to add a RO vampire in the story ? If not no sweat so far the story intrigues me so I’ll be looking forward to further development for this :blush::ok_hand:


Well colour me intrigued! I’ll be keeping my eye on this as well~ Really like it so far!


@Able_Wolffe That is a good idea! I was thinking of a way to declutter the ‘character creation’ section in ch1 and this would be nice a nice solution :smiley:
Also, I’m soo close to slip that easter egg in xD

@Damar_Glover Hmm, I will say that Elian is… Something like a vampire, it will probably be spoiled sooner or later, but this is all I will say now :wink: But I plan on letting MC flirt with a lot of minor npcs as well, so I will keep you in mind!


Yes please :heart:

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I’m guessing we’re not very liked either and hope we can become a creature

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@Harley_Robin_Evans There will be a fair amount of distrust from some people you meet, Hunters are not popular among supernaturals after all, but depending on your choices that might change. Currently, there are no plans of the Hunter becoming a creature themself. For spoiler reasons I can’t go into details, but there are reasons for that and the demon’s interest in them.


This is super intriguing! I can’t wait to see where this goes. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this in the future!


Will we be able to play as someone who hates supernaturals?


I have it planned, yes. I just hope the execution of this works out the way I hope it will :sweat_smile:


I’d imagine that’d make romances more complicated lol.


Oh, very much so haha

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short intro but somehow reels me in definitely bookmarking this one :+1:


Hello everyone!

I posted a small sunday update over on tumblr and thought I might post it here too ^^

I mean there hasn’t been much happening since I posted this, but oh, well…

Progress is going well right now! I finished the first draft of chapter 1 and have started on the clean-up.

I’m particularly happy with a choice, that gives your Hunter different information on Elian. Next there will be a lot of choices for customization of your Hunter (it will be a pain to code but I think I will be fine ^^).

In chapter 1 you will be able to meet him and Lupita first. Bas and Xiuying will first appear in chapter 2 or 3 (maybe 3 and 4 depending on how much I’m stretching 2). Their order will depend on your choices.

Nasim is definitely showing up in chapter 2 and I look forward to writing them and their shop! Theo’s and Veye’s first appearances are scheduled for chapter 3 or 4 as well.

I will keep working on cleaning up chapter 1 and do some small changes to the prologue, before uploading the first chapter :smiley:

That’s it for today!

Keep safe everyone <3


Oh, there’s a character named Lupita? That’s obviously the best name one could have. Can’t wait to meet them!

P.S. I also love the demo! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the next update!


And she will be delighted to meet you! It will warrant at least a high-five for a fellow Lupita :slight_smile:

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