The Grim and I by Thom Baylay


I’m sorry hahaha! In the Philippines it’s called being “marupok” which directly translates to brittle. Basically it means that you’d break at the smallest amount of love given to you and fall hard. HAHAHA!


Uh oh… my boyfriend just sent me this screenshot… I don’t dare warn him. :sweat_smile:


Hi, just wanted to add my voice here in supporting a Steam release if that’s ever a possibility :slight_smile:


Just finished this game and it was amazing, I absolutely loved it. Definitely going to try out Evertree Inn now. Thank you so much for this incredibly moving story.


This game really, really hit me hard. It is everything I fear about love and loss. The ambiguity kills me and I so desperately want there to be an ending where you can be with your loved one again…but I feel it would dilute your work of art. Still…please?

God I’m crying at work here.


Thank you for this game, it was beautiful. I was determined to get the MC to cross over but every time I thought I was ready, there was one more moment with the spouse I just had to participate in. I managed to say goodbye at the end with the spouse and go to the other side, but it wasn’t easy. Really thoughtful and well handled. It’s probably my favorite CSG from this year :slight_smile:


@ThomB Took me a while to realize at the end that i had to not talk to anyone in order to cross over. you damn brilliant bastard.


I keep seeing people say great things about this game, and it’s kinda killing me not being able to play it since it’s not available on Steam. Oh well, one can only hope.


Just buy it on here? Steam is convenient but it isn’t the be-all-end-all

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I know. But due to some complicated reasons I’d rather not talk about, I can only buy games on Steam.

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how to get “i love your kind” ending ??


This trophy can be unlocked if you are truly able to let go of all your worldly vices. Even in Chapter 10, you have to resist the temptation. :slight_smile:


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Hey, just wanted to say that this game is beyond beautiful (I cried multiple times, the love route particularly destroyed me). I know this question has come up a few times already, but I just wanted to ask @ThomB: is there actually a set explanation for how our character died that it’s possible to discover and/or deduce from the story, or that you had in mind while writing it? Or is it meant to be left open to interpretation? (I know it’s a major theme of the story that finding out how you died doesn’t bring you peace, so I understand if you prefer not to share, but I am so curious).


I’d second that sentiment especially considering the game has been out for a while at this point. So I’d love to know if the author had a specific cause of death in their head and if it’s able to be worked out in-game for the player to know. I know however many months ago when I played this as it came out I found a number of weak leads that didn’t point to anything too specific. I remember thinking we got magically pushed out of a window but that doesn’t resolve anything


A bit unrelated to the topic being asked but I wonder if there are other specific scenes we get that are unique to our Grim Reaper form? :thinking:
I’ve always played with hound grim reaper because we got to play fetch with them at one scene, it’s just so damm cute


Haha I’m glad you like that scene. It was fun to write.

To answer your question: Yes, every reaper gets their own unique moment. Some are longer than others and some are only available on certain story paths. The exception is Thanatos, as getting him as your reaper is the unique scene with Charon. There isn’t then another unique scene later.


Hey, I just want to say thank you for creating such a game. I was going through a rough patch then and I just happened to stumble on the game when I was trying to get my mind off things. Made me somewhat realise that I needed to focus on what’s important to me.


You’re very welcome @Redhood53. It makes me very happy to hear that. It’s the reason I wanted to write the story. I wish you all the best!