The Golden Rose: Book One by Ana Ventura

Does anyone know if the demo of the second book will ever be public? It’s just that I don’t know if the first book was ever released to the public and not Patreon only.


Typically you can check out first few chapters for free before the purchase, so that’s basically a public demo, after a fashion.


It should. I remember the first book being on dashingdon

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It’s the policy that games need to have some sort of public demo in order to be published. Though how long the demo is doesn’t have a requirement. So there’ll be one, I just don’t know when


It’s not much, here some puzzle pieces:


A black mark associated with bloodlust. It is growing along with increasing corruption.

Baiae - destroyed Roman city. Strange reaction to the name of this city - the mark causes pain.

Emperor Nero. Mad man? Did he have the black mark?

The prophecy, MC mentioned.

MC’s name Romanus

I wonder if you have any theories about this?

Oh and I almost forgot about creepy witch… Is she the antagonist of the story? :thinking: