The Fernweh Saga (Scheduled Release: 5 January!) [Book One is 600k]

Embrace the sappy I say, and like I’ve said on tumblr, the book is worth the wait. You are an incredible writer and should enjoy this, you deserve it :orange_heart: I’m almost ready to get back to fernweh, mc done, music done, now I just have to wait for my iPad to finish charging and then I’m off to sweep James off his feet :heart_eyes:

And use a really long stick to keep myself and R apart for now :joy:


Congratulations @lacunafiction !

I’m so proud of you, you deserve every praise there is! I hope everyone enjoys the game as much as I did during beta.

I just bought a copy for me and a copy for my sister. I can’t wait to hear her thoughts, as well as everyone else’s on the new discussion thread. I envy every new visitor who will discover the secrets of Fernweh for the first time, it’s a great experience :green_heart:


Who is with me on this?

I either get to strangle Mrs Verner, use her as bait to get the baddy, or give her a humiliating Spanking in the center of Town, over my knee with an old Nun paddle!



Yeah, she’s horrible at the beginning but my main MC is on R’s route so she’ll love me some day, you’ll see :smirk_cat:


It feels like she would secretly be into spanking so it all comes down to what you want to get out of it :joy:

Might not be blur worthy but better safe than sorry :eyes:


I’m a bit late, but I wanted to say congratulations @lacunafiction . I still remember the first demo, and I’m proud to have been along for the ride as you developed Fernweh Saga, and I’m so happy for the release. I wish you all the best for the next book. (I was at a conference all weekened and am current heading nack home, so I’ll have to wait to get it till we get back, but I can’t wait to return.)

quote=“lo6otia, post:686, topic:101635, full:true”]
Yeah, she’s horrible at the beginning but my main MC is on R’s route so she’ll love me some day, you’ll see :smirk_cat:

Lol. My MC on R’s path, Fanny, is very hard not to like, so I hope Ms.V comes around eventually, but Fanny is also afraid of her, so I can’t wait to see gow that plays out at family dinner.


@lacunafiction Will I close this thread since there’s a dicussion thread created?

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@lo6otia @Cat-Toes Thank you both so much for the well wishes about the release! :green_heart: I’m also really grateful for all of your help and encouragement during the beta process, which I know improved the book and gave me awesome feedback from engaged Returning Visitors. I love how Fernweh is getting so many new visitors! lo6otia, I also adore how you invited your sister to town; it will be fun to discuss theories with her and see if she also falls for R or favors a different route. :smile_cat: Also, Cat-Toes, I hope you get home safely!

@resuri08 Yes, that would be great to have the conversation in one place. Thank you for offering! :revolving_hearts:

I’ll link it one last time in case anyone checks this thread again. It’s: here, just please remember to be mindful of spoilers when posting in the discussion for Book One thread.


Hello! Congrats again to the author ! You can continue your discussion(aka gushing) over the discussion thread that the author provided above!