The Cursed Lady and The Weakest Knight (Updated: 3/24/2019)


Update here:

Alright, the update took a bit longer than I thought it would to get out but its here, and mostly done. The new content is overall lacking in polish, but it does appear to be bug free.

The new content focuses overwhelmingly on looking into their new home, as well as preparing for them to do something about their financial situation. The next segment will focus more on an ‘adventure’ aspect of their lives and how they make money from contracts.

I’ll be doing a little more work on this section over the next few days to spruce things up a bit, but I think there’s enough here now to warrant an update. Thanks for reading.


I was playing Adel then it randomly switched to Marie when first exploring the house.


I am having the same problem as Patrick

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Yupe … same here, the perspective of Adel shift to Marie once we enter the house …

But apart from that, the story writing is intriguing … i am starting to catch a grip on both Marie and Adel’s personality , they are both adorable and certainly make a cute couple :slight_smile:

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I’m so sorry!

There’s actually a debug menu hidden in the stats screen that can be used to jump ahead. Whether you’re playing Adel or Marie is determined by the value of a variable called ‘pov’.

The debug menu sets the variable correctly if you use it to skip to the house scene, but I never put the pov variable change in the game’s standard character selection.

It should work now. (Also you can skip to the house scene via the stats menu if you want.)

Thank you so much for catching that!


Oh, just a suggestion, but for the lazier people of the forum who like to just wait for every update to point out typos, it’d be helpful to put in the title what day the last update was on, so an example would be “Blah blah blah (Update: 30/9/18)” or something like that :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooh. That’s a good idea.

I’ll do that. Thanks!

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A very adorable and positive personality for both Adel and Marie, both of them are so innocence … they had form a unique chemistry like the lightning trapped in a bottle , even though the house chapter is just a small glimpse of their interaction , there is an unprecedented chemistry between these two. This chemistry can’t be taught or forcefully applied, but when the author taps into it, it’s just “right”,

Adel and Marie have the kind of back-and-forth that happy couples have, where they can joke with each other and understand plus appreciating the other’s sense of humor. like the scene in the reading room and how Marie asked Adel about his financial status .

Their use of sarcasm, the “imaginary perceived” faces they make at one another, and the way they good-naturedly give each other a hard time are all characteristics of real relationships. think about the scene where Marie carrying those box herself and consider Adel was asking “stupid” question simply made me chuckle

You can always tell when two people aren’t comfortable around each other because they are being too polite. Adel and Marie seem to share an intimate comfort and speak to each other as I would to my closest friends, it demonstrates they share an unique innocence trust between each other which is adorable , some would think they are naive but this is what make them such a cute couple :slight_smile:

I hope the story will continue with such great chemistry between them …

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Oh nice, I found the list of mods, but it looks like someone got it. Thank you very much, Haven Stone!

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted. Sorry about that to anyone who was following this;;

I’ve got a modest update here:

There’s an incomplete section at the tail end of the update. It’s a bit messy on that end, but I felt like I had enough here to warrant an update. Plus that work in progress text file is quite large, and it would help a great deal to have extra eyes on it.

I’ve also been hitting a good stride, writing daily, so I think updates should become more frequent from here on out. I got delayed by… quite a bit after I moved to a different state.

Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this w.i.p. I Hope to hear from you all again.


I found a temporary space error
Am I hunting the demons or bugs? And after facing them aggressively, I go to the desert and I am in my house checking the rooms.
It was all very strange hahaha

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The bugs are demons. Just a specific type.

You said you went to a desert and then back to the house? Could you give more detail on that?

If you’ve started the mission, I should mention now that section still has a lot of holes in it. You may have just fallen out of the file and the system pushed you someplace strange.


Ask what I marked in Red I would not have to carry

  • At the beginning?
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awww going by the title I thought for a second this would be a story about a cursed lady and her sir/lady knight protector who has to beat the overwhelming odds and protect his/her charge against outside enemies and her curse within. But alas I’ll check this one out regardless but I can’t help but feel a bit disappoint. I was all like “Wow intrigue and mystery character and we get to play as the underdog!? Count me in!” but then I saw the summary oh well. I’ll check it out still so no worries on that front :).

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Thanks Marcos for the update, looks like I forgot a *set for that.

Thanks for the feedback, hopefully it’ll still be something interesting to you.


The ‘Gore Pit’ segment has been nominally competed (for now).

I’ve still got spots to fill in, but I’m finally nearly done with the first half of the first mission. I’ve spent a huge amount of time plugging away at this mission. I’m glad I’m starting to make headway with it.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this. Hopefully I’ll have another update soon.


Off hand, I do not remember a “Gore Pit”, but I am sure once I start a replay I will.


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I got this too
005_MaxAd_FarmContract line 4150: Non-existent variable ‘frmcon_hellbeastslain’

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