The Castle of Hope (WIP)

SUMMARY: Year is 2067. Living in the Earth is more dangerous than ever. In the event of a nuclear apocalypse, all of the animals in the world were mutated. They are stronger and faster than humans.

That’s why humans decided to build a huge castle to protect themselves from the mutants. People start having a normal life behind the castle. They named it The Castle of Hope. Because they believed none of the mutants could attack them anymore.

They were wrong.

In matter of months, mutants start attacking the castle, trying to destroy it. That’s why, humans decided to send some people to protect the castle from mutants. But, no one volunteers for it.

So, they made a decision. All of the prisoners (including you) will be sent to the castle instead of prison. They have only one job: protect The Castle of Hope from the mutants.

  1. You can choose to escape from the castle or you can stay and fight.
  2. You can choose go to the other side of the castle where the mutants live.
  3. If you’re clever and strong enough, you can be the leader of the castle.
  4. You can choose your gender and sexuality.
  5. You can die if you make wrong decisions.

Working on demo…


is there will be any of da sweet sweeeet romance

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Of course! :slight_smile:

Is all mutants hostile? And (okay maybe this question spoilery) are the nuclear apocalypse is intended or not?

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Both of your questions are spoilery.

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:joy: okay, okay. Are there any reason why mc at prison though?

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You will choose why :slight_smile:


Hmmm alright. I like the concept so far since I fan of Doomsday On Demand, going to keep eye out for this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sounds similar to Attack on Titan, this will be interesting.


Am glad there is a choice to run for it cause am not going to fight for the people who imprisoned me lol


Why are only animals mutated? Are the humans immune?

Can the mc become a mutant but where the animal he can command

Can we tamed the mutated animals?

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