The Butler Did It (BETA IS OVER)

Fixed! That’s a flag I have to set when uploading to Dashingdon and unset when testing locally. Forgot.

A typo:
Still, you eventually manage to toss it up and loop it around a suitable outcropping. Dmtryo goes first, reluctantly.

A closing quotemark missing:
“Dmytro, of Strohop,” Dmytro says. "Not from City.

Linus is the last to receive her attention.

Wrong pronunciations are used, all from the final chapter (the last one I accidentally found while I was browsing through scenes):
“Although Riya and his friends brought a valuable asset with them,” he continues. “I can’t help but wish they had been here to help us against the Autogyros and Scuttlebucks.”

He’s waking up,” the voice says. Addie.

There’s no question of leaving Goose behind, of course. The bond you share means they’ll follow you, of that you’re certain. So, what shall it be?

The thought gives you pause. Goose. You know that this is what you want to do, but will they? Will they join you on this journey to the stars? You may never come back.

Or will their love for the City win out? Despite their sometime grumbling, you know that Goose is as much a part of this place as the cobblestones. Do you think they’ll choose to give all that up and come with, or will they stay here, to help rebuild?

“${name} is joking, surely?” she asks. “He tried to to kill my neighbors! My friends! With my own bot!”

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And fixed! I figured out a search to help find more, and I’m relatively sure that’s all of them at this point.

And I think that’ll do it! Thank you so incredibly much to everyone who played, posted here, or took the survey. Even the person who wrote 500 words about how much they hated it! I’m confident all of the loops and broken triggers are fixed now, and those pesky pronouns.

If you’re still in the middle of playing the game, the game link will remain functional for a few days. I just removed it from here, so no more new players.

I have an artist working on a cover that I think will be really fantastic, and then I believe it goes into the HG publishing queue. If you contributed to testing (you know who you are), want to be credited, and haven’t yet let me know, please post here or send me a PM with the name to be credited. Thank you all again! It’s incredibly beautiful how supportive this community is.


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