The Blakewald Prison (WIP)

The Blakewald Prison is the story of a woman who is locked up and learns how life works in the prison. Can she survive through the dark days?

Romance Options:

Athena - The topdog of the Block A. She has ruthless and intimidating, but she has a soft side.
Aaron - The warden of the prison. He’s gentle, kind and indulgent person.
Delphine - She’s one of the inmates and good friend of Athena. She’s kind and open-hearted person.
Charlie - The warden of the prison. Unlike Aaron, he’s not kind and has a bad relationship with inmates.
and more…


  • Choose your apperance, sexuality and history.
  • Be the top dog or the follower.
  • Be the nice or the bad person.
  • Choose violence or peace.
  • Survive or die.



I got a error right off the bat where you chose what crime you comited

Also is the game gender locked? And if not why the are we on a bus with female prisoners?

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It’s tagged gender-locked female, and the description says the MC is a woman, so my guess is yes


I think it’s fixed.

Yes, it’s gender locked.

Alright, I would put that somewhere in the story so the player knows for certain, like maybe at the naming section. But that’s just me, I’m not the most observant :grinning:

sorry for not getting this quicker, had some issues with my internet Edit: the images are bout how the brother option says sister

Ace Sixkiller that’s fu*king badass


Saw the name SixKiller in tinstar, never went back


I really like the idea for this game, and enjoyed the demo so far. I can’t wait to have a forbidden romance with one of the wardens :laughing::wink: Also if you picked that you were framed how come the option to have your brother on your phone list not available?

So I found two more errors

I selected the brother option and it says sister

This ended my game after I didn’t say anything to the lady who was trying to asurt her dominance

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Well, that’s a pretty interesting premise. I can tell this is going to be a wild ride, full of joy and fluffiness!

(by the way, got an error message just after answering to Athena, as per the post above this one)

Oh, I’m stupid, forgot to specify the bug that was what my images meant, was bout the sister thing

Oops, so sorry about the bugs, this is my first game :slight_smile: I will fix all of them.


No problem, but if I’d suggest something it would be to run the book through a few random test to make sure everything’s running as it should.

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No need to apologise, we are here to help, I will continue looking for any errors


Can u make it gerender choice

I am very new when it comes to code but I think this is an error, chose not to say anything to athena. Don’t know anything about code so it might just be me, have no idea what it means

Well that wouldn’t really fit with the narrative my dear fellow. It would also add a ton of work for our dear author to allow the choice to fit the narrative.

Enjoyed what you have so far. Looking forward to more