The Abyssal (WIP) - 11/23 DEMO Update. Play as death itself!

Okay so the story is really interesting, the ROs are all interesting and I love revenge stories, but the chapter header with the rose? That’s just chef’s kiss :ok_hand:
I also want to mention that I checked out your tumblr before I started the demo and the theme music (“bury the light”) running in the bg was also perfect. I’m living for those aesthetics.
Good luck with the rest of your WIP, it’s great so far!


Omg i love this :heart: This is amazing and i definitely need updates. Looking forward to interacting with the RO’s. Also, go ahead and make polygamy a option. That would be nice if possible.


Also, may I ask something? Of course, if you deem it too spoiling, that’s okay!

I’m a bit weird, because I like revenge-based stories where the MC doesn’t actually get to the true revenge, or well, takes the revenge on a very peaceful tangent, like proving the people who wronged them how… well… wrong they were about them.
To which extent will something like that be possible here, if at all?


Very good beginning my only problem… 0 true female ro but 2 male … :sob:


oh god, ima sucker for wips with op supernatural mcs.i could hardly pay attention to any typos or weird sentences because i was enjoying the story so much :sweat_smile:.anyway i’ll be keeping an eye on this one for sure!..
let me out of my prison brother i cRAVE VIOLENCE!!!(looking at u Chamion…)


Just finished the demo and it was so good!!!
I loved every second of it :heart:


@Cool165 I’m glad you like it! And the answer is yes, you will be able to do that and much more since the MC is not just a simple necromancer. Hades was actually a great inspiration as Greek mythology in general.

@Paradox1 Hii, i’m so glad you like it, I was afraid the pacing would be too fast so a tried to slow down a bit hah. And thank you for the typos, i’ll be fixing them right away :hugs: :hugs:

@Nacre It took me a long a** time to create the headers let me tell you hahah, so happy you love it though!! My luck is that I already used tumblr for quite a while so building it was fun, i’ll be answering asks there too and rebloging things you guys make! :relaxed:

@Illusiveacorn54 I’m soo happy you like it!! I thought about it and polygamy will definitely be a thing, rest assured hah!!

@Konoi Thal will definitely be a possibility. I don’t want the player to feel pressured in enact bloody revenge if they don’t want to. But maybe revenge or forgiveness might have to take step back because a lot of things will happen until you get to that point hah :wink:

@Nephitos I really thought about that when I was creating the ROs, and as a gay man, and a newbie when it comes to writing, i’m not 100% sure I would be able to write a good and satisfactory female LI. But i don’t know, it can be a possibility if you guys want!!

@Cicada hahah glad you like it!! All I could hear when reading your reply was the tiktok sound of those crazy cats!! :joy: :joy:

@Xx_Morganite_xX Thank you!! Soo happy you like it :heart_eyes:


Very interesting start! I’ll be keeping an eye on this :smiley: I already love my MC, might even draw them!

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Maybe a goddess? Vaal or one of the minor ones.


@LiliArch Thank you so much!! If you drawn them you can post it and I’ll add it to the first post so everyone can see. :hugs:

@Gildarth I already have Vaal’s plotline set, so it would be a hassle to change it but one of the minor goddess might be a fit, I’ll look into it, thank you for the advice.


A very interesting and good demo!
The story and how you make the color of our hair have meanings not just for color is solid gold!
Bookmarked! And congrats on releasing the demo!


I mean, if four ROs can be Male or Female, I’d say that qualifies as a female LI. I don’t think there is a need for an RO that can only be female.


I understand where this can seem a little unfair to those who only romance female LI, and to write seven ROs might be too much for me to handle, but I’ll think about it!


I don’t really care since I only romance male characters so this isn’t relevant to me, but if you want to, you could maybe try to make all of the ROs gender swappable instead of adding new ROs?
Though all in all, especially if this is your first game, you shouldn’t try and do too much to please people.
I too am frustrated when I play a game that has more female ROs than male ones, so it’s not as if I was unable to understand what people feel, but this is only if it reduces considerably the amount of choices I have. In this case, it still leaves four options.


You don’t have to change anything, just stick to your dream idea we are here for the ride :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
As long as there is a female option for people to choose from it’s all good, as @Konoi said there’s 4 other options which you made :wink:


Let me just say how much I love the premise of the story. Me always falling in love with a character in fiction that is described as the Death himself, to being now actually the Goddess of Death it’s so interesting abd a First for me. :eyes:
Me having read so many interactive fictions/ in which many of them have most of the times a very limited amount of of male ROs comparing to female ROs, I’m loving for once the amount options we have.
There are already 4 female options for people complaining. I have to deal with less options and that’s fine. It’s your story and characters to tell/write the way you envisioned them.
Keep the great work!I’m so excited for what’s coming up next. :hugs:


@Konoi and @Lyle_Schiefer Thank you so much for the tips, i’m a little overwhelmed with the attention the story is getting, in a good way though!!! And i’ll try my hardest to make everyone happy but I also have to know my limits, I understand that now. :blush:

@kitkat Hahah glad the premise excites you!! And I suffer from the same problem of not having enough male LI that’s why I did four gender selectables! Thank you for the love! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is lit :fire: :crown:

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Yessss! This!

  • This game is heavily ( really ) focused on romance, because for me that’s the whole reason i’m interested in IF.

I am here for it! And I love the demo, not too many choices but It introduced us into your world really well :two_hearts:


Don’t worry about these observations. It is better if we expect good quality work. I don’t want the pressure from people on this forum to spoil that unique and incredible creativity of yours. :slight_smile: