The Abyssal (WIP) - 11/23 DEMO Update. Play as death itself!

I really love this. The breaking out scene reminded me of Ragnarok in Norse mythology, where Loki broke free.

The “i” isn’t capitalized


I love it. I adore stories where the mc is a godlike figure and this might just be the best one yet. Keep up the great work :+1::relieved:


@ChaoticWhisp hahah oh my God how could I forget about that iconic scenes, it does look similar!! And thank you for the catch :slight_smile:

@Seabrook This one promise to be epic, so buckle up hah! :wink:


this is the last thing you see. what do you do?



Wow! Where you using a golden quill writing this demo? Your writing style is so…sweet? Soothing? How to explain it. It’s like when you’re gliding on the calm waters of the sea, letting yourself be carried along by the small waves. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Good luck!!


Wooow this is awesome!!! The first fan art hahah. I love the little skull button :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Thank you so much for this, really!


hahah you don’t how this makes me happy!! Thank you :blush: :blush:


Haha It was amazing. I think it’s gonna be one of the most popular demo in no time. Keep up the great work!!


I have to say this is one of the best wips iv read as of lately. Just the pure amount of detail in it is amazing, i haven’t read manys books that have the amount of detail you have out into this, aswell as your writing style is pure beauty. Cant wait to read further updates, good job my dude


Looove this


Didn’t start yet but you literally put one of my favorite genres in one.
I love the idea and concept and if it’s good I will defenitly support you on patreon.
I don’t see often such storylines and this get me hyped and I really would support a continuation of this game.


@Omo_Okami Thank you so so much!! Reading things like this makes all the sweat and tears i’ve put on this project worth it :blush:

@Shadyaddams thank you, glad you like it!

@Kuudere_Okami This project has been my obsession for the past year or so, and this month i’ve finally gathered enough material to start writing! Let’s see how things go, this might be a series, I’m not sure yet, but I hope you like! :wink::wink:


Amazing demo and style! You write the angst of being trapped in darkness so well - where the silent darkness serves a clear contrast with the agonizing turmoil inside the MC’s heart. This is so descriptive and beautiful, and the MC is just lovable and compelling. I love how we can be kind, gentle deities to the dying soldier and wrathful gods to battlefield trespassers! There’s a lot of personalities to choose from even in such a short demo. This story is gonna be pretty epic, and the world building has me pretty excited. I will be watching for updates with the eyes of a hawk >_>


That’s exactly how I feel. I got immersed so quickly reading it and I can easily see it getting to Wayhaven levels of popular with how good it is. The demo is gorgeous and it was only posted today lol


Ah, so interesting! Now I want more! :rofl:
It’s hard for me to give detailed feedback since it was short, but I love it so far - so dark and sad.
I think the only thing that maybe bothered me a bit is that at the very end the MC whispered, but they still have the muzzle right? So maybe it should only be a thought? :thinking:
Unless I misread something and they don’t have it anymore?

But that small detail aside, it was really awesome! I’m in love!


This is amazing i enjoyed reading it :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:


@Veraynea There’s the mood I was trying to portray, glad it worked hahah. And I want to give the players a lot of opportunities to choose the MC’s personality as it will affect how everyone perceives them. Thank you so much and stay tuned :wink:

@Konoi this is a very depressing story with a few jokes and light hearted moments here and there hahah. And you are exactly right, I’ll fix that mistake in the next update, thank you for pointing it out!! :blush::blush:

@SodaAtHome Thank youu, I’m glad you liked it :relaxed:


You did well for a start I will be keeping tabs on this one to see how it develops. I met no typos or coding errors, so you’re good in that department and the plot so far seems pretty good as well.


Love it, can’t wait for more
Question: will we be able to raise the dead to fight for us,etc as we are god of death. Something like hades from Greek mythology?


Hello! I’m a sucker for these kind of revenge stories where the MC comes back from his demise to enact vengeance on their wrongdoers so I was quite excited to play your demo and it was awesome!
I like the fact that the flashbacks do not disturb the continuity and immmersion of the game in any way and more so, accentuate the pacing as it is. The writing is very descriptive and vivid and the focus provided on minor details like how the hair colour is compared to the nature of death and all things related to it, is also quite an attractive writing quirk for me.

Some typos and such

Tickling assault?

You can’t breathe

Chess pieces


“Does” should be inserted after what I think

“When his child…” Perhaps?

That’s about it I think. Great job, can’t wait for more of this :beers: