The 89-degree angle room OR Which stories struck you as off?

First up: This thread is NOT meant to bash any authors or stories, but to look at things that might commonly pull us out of a story because something doesn’t sit right with us and it’s never explained.

To explain the title:
There’s what one can experience when entering/staying in a room with no 90° angles, but no obviously off angles either. Just a little askew, so the brain does notice something is off, but can’t say ‘oh yeah, the room is distorted’.
This can lead to a being very uncomfortable, even triggering the fight/flight reflex.

Which stories (not just CoG/HG) ever gave you such feeling?

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I’d say the Haze under windbrook, i don’t know why but something felt off during the whole game

i also had that feel with a few fanfics i’v read

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Not really to any high degree, but quite a few HG’s and CoG’s make me feel a little like that.

I think it’s the worldbuilding, and sometimes characters, that just feel incomplete, somehow. :thinking:

I’d recommend putting this under the Game Development category so that people can talk about what seems off and why.

The Great Tournament 2 felt slightly wrong. I’m not entirely sure why, because it was pretty close in style to the first one (and I liked the the first one) but it might have had something to do with our choices in the first game having very little impact on this one. Or maybe it was rushed. I’m not really sure but there was something slightly off about it.

Not sure that telling people their games felt off without any constructive criticism attached is particularly helpful guys


I agree. Let’s get specific constructive criticism in threads for the games in question.