The 6th Legion (now with 80k demo, updated 01/02/2016)

Welcome to the 6th legion

First off, what is the game about?

Since I really like history (studying to become a history teacher) I thought it would be fun to create a game which plays out during one of my favorite eras. The Roman era. So I have done some additional reading about it and started my very first game.

However, because I wanted to give you the opportunity to play as a man or a woman I couldn’t use the Romans because, well women weren’t allowed to serve and the legion is a large part of the game.

(did you know there were women gladiators? Not a lot but still, it’s pretty cool, might do something with that later on in the game.)

Anyway, my game plays out in a realm simply known as: The empire. And whatever realm they happen to be fighting against.

So what can you experience so far?

Since some might want to find out for themselves :smile: .

You start as a failed man / woman who needs to escape town because of debts. Luckily you manage to join the legion, (unless you make a few wrong choices and you don’t actually get to join, should that happen, try again).

Once you join you will compete in three challenges. (a hunt, a one on one fight and a mock battle.) The mock battle isn’t complete yet, although you can pass most of the preparation. And that’s how far I am at the moment.

I hope that the game sounds nice so far, and that you will give it a chance.

Any comments / suggestions etc. would be really appreciated to. Either directly in the post or as a private message to me.

And now a fifth update. (January 2, 2016)

So, it took about half a year for me to update and there is only a limited amount of additional material.

Well, what is new? Personally I’m around 150k words and still not done. But the demo should be about 80K big. I’m not a 100% certain since I have blocked the special background for the fighter as it’s rather large. Might be a bit more or a bit less. You can still play that background, but in the third challenge you will have to pick one of the 3 normal battlefields.

-Most important part is that you are now able to ask Vitus or Prisca out. (so you have an idea how romance might work in the game. Or something like that.) It’s the last scene in the demo. So it takes some time to get there. Please let me know if you like / dislike it. The scene, not the fact that you needed to go through the entire demo again.

-Wrote a better background for Prisca and Vitus and the other two characters. You have to play the game from the beginning to be able to read it. (can only read one per playthrough).

-Scrapped the merchant skill as it was to similar to charm. And I want to keep the number of skills lower in order to have an overview of your character.

-Gave you the option to say how you earned your scar, if you want to have one. Unique per background, several options per background.

-Added some additional information in the stat screens. I like it.

-I’m certain there are a good number of grammar adjustments.

Well, that’s it. I will most likely update the demo a few more times if I hear that it isn’t working properly or if you have any suggestions that I can put into the game.

Well, just look for yourself and find out.


Great game so far, I enjoyed it very much. There were a few typos though, but other than that, an interesting game!

I second that. It has been very well crafted so far.

I love this idea and story so far, I hope you will finish it!

Good start, and I love the setting. One thought that came to my mind as I was playing – there’s a scene where you choose whether you have any scars. I chose the middle option – that I have one big scar – and it would be neat if the game then let you choose from a couple different options about where and what it is, given what this game is all about. Instead the game just announced that there was a scar on my hand.

The opening page reads a little awkwardly because the first question asks why you need the money but there’s nothing before that about joining the legion for money.

Also, you should make sure to delete the lines of text that show the variables being altered. “wit +1” and stuff like that.

I’d also try to add some more description of the surroundings. The smells, sounds and sensations one gets from walking through a city like Rome. The people, the movement, the other things happening in a cosmopolis. Also, I got on the hunting trip that started in the tombs outside the city and it would be neat to have options to look at, or explore, some of those monuments.

You’re Dutch, yey.

The game/story was pretty decent and I like where it is going. Keep up the good work

I like it. Saw some typos with referring to Prisca’s gender. The typos were where you spelled ‘here’ instead of ‘her’.

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“How about you? Brought anything with you?” Telling him you didn’t bring anything interesting with you seems to have put him of his train of thought for a moment. But he recovers quickly and start asking you questions."


The most obvious one being, “so what made you join the legion?”


I really enjoy what you have so far it’s a great game

Sounds interesting. Can’t wait for an update.

So, just a quick thank you for everyone’s responses so far. I really appreciate it. The first update will most likely be somewhere on Thursday.

And more then 300 people who used the link, I really like this forum / community =)

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And to cheat and get my post a bit higher up since edit doesn’t do that. My first update is here .
Yey for people who like the game :smiley:


I really like the update and I can’t wait to see the results of the hunting competition

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This game is pretty cool. I do hope I won the hunt I mean I almost died killing this huge boar.

Not sure if any path works to get past the point where you see your two accomplices it says it’s not a viable option.

Thank you for the message, I checked and I think I found the problem. I uploaded the working file now (I hope).

If you kill both the boar and the deer will they both count towards if you win or not?

yes, although there is a way for you to get more animals. Also, this is the first of three contests, so even if you don’t win this one you still have a chance =)

Wait wait wait… you can get more than two animals???

Okay, just a, did I die in a horrible accident and will I never finish the game? I’m asking because according to the rules I think you aren’t allowed to ask for an update :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, that didn’t happen. I’m fine although I have been sick for a few days. As such I only got about 3000 words so far, and updated the stats screen. Currently trying to get the save system to work. Since that feels a bit short there won’t be an update till thurday.

And @TheMeek Yes, you can get more than two animals, if you choose the right background. I am planning on making a positive option for the four backgrounds in every chapter. Although at the moment only got merchant and friend though.

And for course: a thousand views, and 700 times clicks on the link :smiley: