Text won't show up after I put it in

      #Plasma Katana
        *goto gender
      #Plasma Shortsword
        *goto gender
      #Dual-Wield Plasma Handguns
        *goto gender
      #Plasma Rifle       
        *goto gender
      #Dual Plasma Knives
        *goto gender


What is your gender?

*label gender

‘‘What is your gender?’’ doesn’t pop up on the test game, so I don’t know how to make the text pop up.


You have to type it in after the label.


@Pangolin Alright I’ll try that.


@Fives Personally this is a little irritating, not to offend you but i think you should just make one thread for your game, and another for all the problems you are facing. If you make a thread for every single problem it’s going to be a mess for the admins to close down each one of them after you are done with it. You can just change the title of the thread to your current problem.


@Eternalfire Mmmm personally I find your response a little rude. Keep in mind this forum, if it works right, is supposed to help people work out bugs in their script. It actually becomes more helpful for everyone else if the problems, no matter how small, all have their own separate thread instead of being buried in something huge. So not only have you basically just told someone they were taking up too much attention, you suggested something that was unhelpful.


Pangolin is correct about how to fix your problem, also, you don’t need a page break after a goto from choice, thats automatic.