Testing end game branching

I’m on the final chapter of my Christmas WIP., and it’s branching like crazy. You can end as a prisoner trying to escape, a warlord who’s killed everyone off, someone who is essentially the new Santa, the hopeful partner of the corporate enemy, or a sad and regretful wanderer, among others.

While I’ve branched in earlier chapters, it’s a lot harder to replay through the whole game to get to the ending, especially a half dozen times or more.

But actual playthroughs catch a lot of errors you don’t see just reading code.

So my question is, what have you done in your writing to test end game branching and endings?

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Stick “*goto_scene xxx” right in your first chapter for testing purposes, and set the stats of your choice.


@CJW’s CSIDE program also allows you to test specific points as well … I’m rusty on my procedure but I remember it being pretty easy to utilize and test this way using CSIDE.


These are very helpful, thanks so much!

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I let beta testers sort it out and fix whatever they report because I’m an awful human.