Temple of Endless Night—Protect the world from the Serpent of Chaos!

Use your voice to charm the people around you, or focus on the power of magic to destroy your enemies! Start a servant rebellion, or use poison to solve your problems! Do what your patron deity tells you to, or abandon their teachings! Stay loyal to the Pharaoh, or betray him and join the forces of darkness to change the face of Egypt forever!

Temple of Endless Night is a thrilling 200,000 word interactive fantasy novel by Dariel Ivalyen, where your choices fully control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

When a strange man stops you on the streets of your hometown and sends you to an ancient temple that no one seems to know anything about, you grow both curious and worried. As the caravan gets closer to the mysterious place, you realize that the world around you isn’t exactly what it seems. You see things that are not there, and you can tell something is deeply wrong. Something is trying to influence your mind.

When you find yourself surrounded by nightmares and illusions, will you use the light to cast them out, or will you help them become reality?

• Choose your gender (male, female, nonbinary).

• Play as gay, straight, bisexual and asexual.

• Romance one of four unique characters: a charming mercenary, a sensible and caring servant, a calculative High Priest, or a forgotten Pharaoh!

• Choose your town, class and god. Work on your relationship with your patron!

• React to situations differently based on your sanity level.

• Experience many different endings, including bad ones.

• Enjoy the beauty of Ancient Egypt.

Will you serve the light, or give in to darkness?


I somehow totally missed this WIP (odd since I’m up to check out anything ancient Egypt themed.) Congrats on the release :slight_smile:




Thank you both for these kind words! :blush: I really appreciate them!


Congrats on the release!! Seems really interesting, will definitely play it :blush:

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Congrats @Dariel ! :partying_face: I’m glad to see this is finally out – the atmosphere, setting, and distinct epilogues made this one of my favorites to play.


Congrats on the release! I’ll try it out soon.

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Loved the story, especially the Pharaoh’s path! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope to see more of your work in the future :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hi thanks for this game.
I have a small bug, i choose Hathor and when I spoke to the priestess at the beginning of the game, she said to me that I didn’t choose Hathor.

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@Azael Hello! I’m glad you decided to give the game a shot!

As for the bug, I’ll need details. Are you referring to the following sentence?

“You’re not a priest in the following of Hathor, and I’m afraid I’m not allowed to share the secrets of my temple with the outside world.”

If this is the one you’re referring to, then the emphasis here is on the fact that the MC isn’t a priest or a priestess, not that they’re not a follower of Hathor. I just checked the files and played through the prologue, and the priestess said my character was a priest of Hathor.

If you meant a different paragraph, please tell me, and I’ll try to help. Thank you!

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Thanks for the fast answer, it was the right sentence.

Understood, I was indeed not a priest so it’s ok!

Thanks again for the game, seems good so far.

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Congrats on the release! Really enjoyed the game :slight_smile:
Just a few erros I found where the pronouns should be ‘she’ instead of ‘he’ and a line that repeats itself

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Hey!! I loved playing this game and can I just say that I love Menakaure SO MUCH <33 (he’s sooo precious) Thank you author for bringing some extra happiness to me :smiley:


@Azael I’m glad things are okay, after all! Thanks.

@Frieza Thank you SO much for the screenshots. I’ve already corrected the errors, and I’m sure they’ll make it into the next update!

@arliya First of all, I see that it’s your very first post, so let me welcome you to our little community! Hope you have fun with all the games!

I love the fact that you found Menkaure enjoyable, and I’m truly glad the game made you feel happy! All the best to you, and thank you for playing!

@Cari-san Thank you for these words! I’m glad you enjoy the game and Menkaure’s romance, and I hope you do manage do romance Apepi at some point. His route gives a slightly different perspective. Thanks again for playing!


I used to be more interested in female ROs, but in this game Menkaure is my fav too.

Tho I guess what I liked the most in this game is that (I did multiple playthroughs), with the exception of my first playthrough, I started it with a plan of what I want to achive, but things always ended up unexpectedly differently and still I did never mind it (not even when I wanted to check out the Apepi romance route and my MC ended up murdering him and destroying the whole temple while being possessed, it was still interesting, the writing was good, enjoyable to read). Anyway now I’m still replaying this game to find all the different outcomes.

Kudos to the author.


I thought Apepi was the one messing up with the food so in his route, I ate everything without blessing and you know what happens next :sweat_smile:

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In Zephyros route, he didn’t follow me so I went exploring solo and then got kicked out of the temple. Maybe I told him stuff too much? The fate of him was unknown.

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Could you explain it in more detail? He didn’t follow you to explore the lower parts of the temple? If that’s the case, then perhaps it was because his relationship points were to low? I’m guessing now. I’d need more information to help.

@liavoid Good luck! Hope things go more smoothly the second time around!

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Probably the relationship bar was low. Because I haven’t got his romance achievement yet. I need to replay again to check.

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Congrats author
This book is so well written, I enjoy it so much, its so refreshing to read. :slight_smile:
anyway my favorite ro is Menkaure, all of the ro is interesting but Menkaure is sure the most interesting in his own way, when I first read the summary about romancing the forgetten pharaoh, i just feel… oh this gonna be good, this pharaoh already stole my heart with their mistery. and it turn out so good, i know the romance not that important but i think it still amazing.