Telemetry-type analysis of save games?

This is directed primarily to @jasonstevanhill, but anyone from COG can feel free to address this as well:

I just realized that CoG is in a position to extract “telemetry” type information from saved games that are stored on their servers. For example, by looking at what flags are set in saved games for Affairs of the Court part 2, you could determine what percentage of players choose “dark” (kill everyone / “win” at all costs) choices versus more “light” choices. With other games you could determine what romances were most popular, and so forth.

It seems like this would be pretty easy to do – just parse the flags list for each saved game and aggregate the results by flags (so you would end up with a line that reads “flag_A;true;503”, where “503” represents the number of times that “flag_A” was set to “true” in saved games).

Is any analysis of this sort done? Can you share any of the results? Could authors publishing under the “Hosted Games” label with multi-part games request aggregate / summary data for their saved games so that they could perform their own analysis?

The only data I have come from error reports emailed to me when, unfortunately, Zombie Exodus crashes. I haven’t parsed the data yet but skimming the data, I see trends that helped me determine where to spend my time on developing later chapters. For example, most people play “good” characters, so I spend a bit more time implementing morally good options players can choose.

At some point after I finish the game, I’ll analyze my data and most likely will share it.