Carrying Data from One Game to Another?

The Hero Rise series did this. Is this only a feature of CoG’s official games? Can Hosted games get this? What about stuff I publish on my own?

I couldn’t find anything on the forum about this, but maybe my search fu is weak. If so, sorry, and please link me to the right thread. Thanks.

There’s a number of games that do it, Heroes Rise, Choice of the Vampire, Choice of Romance. Waywalker’s University, does it and it’s a hosted game.

If you’re publishing it on your own though I’m not sure. Someone else with a better idea of how the official save function works may be able to answer this.

In my experience from a year ago (Zombie Exodus save feature), CoG has to set up something server-side but it can be done for Hosted or Official Games. They typically do not want you to setup a save feature until you publish game one.

If you publish on your own, you still can use the CS commands but would have to use your own save server. Contact support@choiceofgames if you want to do that.

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Are you saying they want you to publish something that’s stand-alone first, then work on something that’s the start of a series (and would save stuff to be pulled into a second game), or am I misunderstanding?

Just to add to this, but currently CoG will only add the save function to a game (if in a series) when the second game is written. For example my game Unnatural won’t get a save option until I’ve finished Season Two. I believe they do this so their servers aren’t wasted on a game that might not get the second game for awhile or at all.


Finish, submit and publish your first game, then discuss your data pulling requirements with them - that’s usually how it goes.

That was helpful info! In my head, I thought that was the case but the confirmation is appreciated.

This implies to me that saves from before you release the second game will still work to carry over, yeah? Like, you don’t have to push an update and people don’t have to replay. If so, that’s awesome news.

So… you’re saying they’re reasonable human beings, then. I see. I see. :wink:

Thanks, everyone, for the help.