Swordbreaker: Origins Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

Nice! Congratulations! I just noticed the word “релиз” on your poster. Are you a Russian speaker? If so: “Добро пожаловать на этот форум и удачи с релизом вашей игры. Даже если главный персонаж парень и из-за этого я не смогу сыграть в вашу игру, я желаю вам дальнейшего успеха.”

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Thank you!

Great news, friends!
The final build in Steam has been approved for release! So the game will be released exactly on schedule)

Hello, friends!
We are glad to inform you that there is literally one day left before the release of the game! Tomorrow you will be able to dive into the fascinating past of Swordbreaker, and maybe even create a new future for him!)

All the last days we have been checking and testing the game, as well as creating additional content for the store: DLC with all the game’s art and a set of soundtracks! I think you’ll like it!

Hot days are starting!


Friends! Release!!!
Welcome to the world of adventures that you choose yourself!)

We try to quickly correct all the shortcomings found by the players! Updated the game to version 1.04! Thanks to everyone who writes to us about this!)

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