Swamp castle:how to be independent?

How do I be independent from Magincia? I think you need 20 rule but the best I got was 14

What difficulty are you playing on?

Easy and Normal since I think being independent on Hard is impossible

Can you describe what you really did? I mean in terms of taxes, other character interactions, skills, etc.

my character hated that one spymaster,he put default taxes and my highest points were diplomacy and intellegence.

I try to be nice to the villagers and focus on economy which is why I vote for Gillian the merchant.

I also blackmail that one rebel messenger.

and ignored the dragon thingy.

Don’t remember what I did, however, what I do know, that was I put high taxes. I also had around 4 strength and some agility, and then won the vote for myself for the governor, and I won…
Can’t really see what you can do otherwise…

Thanks! (20 thankful letters)

I think your misunderstanding Rule with total score

I have been trying to be independent for awhile but can’t get 20 rule, anyone know how on Normal Mode?

Heya, hellburner but I’ve tried for months and it seems impossible to be independent.

I gave up on my dream of becoming an Emperor a long time ago.

Look I know I am a bit too late to reply but I played this game only today but I got to be independent. The key is to get rule over 20 . Do so by investing a descent amount on your kingdom , have a nice army. Most importantly whenever genra ask you about the governer elections so no interest at all. He will meet you just before the election tell him you haven’t though on who to vote and that you aren’t interested in politics. He will ask you what u want to secure your vote ask him to strengthen your rule. And boom you will meet the rule requirements to be independent. I tried this on normal mode.


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