Supernatural P.I. Agency (WIP) (Prologue + Chapter One)



Something I noticed is that you continuity errors throughout, however, I think the story interesting and I like basis for the characters you have laid down.


I found some pronounce errors



Ah! I’ll love to send any ideas I can think of. I’m no fashionista, lol, but I’ll try to help anyway I can. I’ll message them to you :grin:


Thank you, and I managed to fix some of those errors and I hope you continue playing my HG.


Thank you for pointing those out, I’ve taken care of them, and they should be the proper pronouns now.


Thank you, and I did put in an outfit with a skirt, hope you enjoy your character now.


Great game small issue when i reached the base as a male they called me her.


Enjoyed the update immensely! I wonder what the deal with MC is :astonished: can’t wait to find out!


Interesting story! Waiting for more :slightly_smiling_face:
Ah, I found some pronouns errors





I believe I’ve found the issues you spoke of and fixed them. Thank, and I hope you continue to play my HG.


Thank you for pointing this out to me, and I’ve fixed those pronouns. I hope you continue to play my HG.


Great game one of my favs


Thank you for pointing this out to me, and I’ve fixed up the writing. I hope you continue to play my HG.


I’m glad you’re enjoying my HG, and one can only wonder what could happen to MC in the future. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Considering that so far we’ve got a vampire, demon, werewolf, god and demon along for the ride, I’m gonna say sign me right up!:smirk:


Like the concept so far, exited to see how it progresses.


Oh, that’s a given :slight_smile:


With species test showing MC has bunch of diffrent bloods in them… Will MC be some sort of shapeshifter? Like change into demon/werewolf/vampire/whatever for X amout of time?


Ooh, that’s an interesting way of seeing it. Now that would be cool.

Personally if I were told the results my first reply would be: “Someone contaminated that blood sample. Retake the test” haha