Supernatural case worker (well mostly a monster manual)

Protagonist: While helping out at a remote vet clinic they found a supernatural cub over by the candy machines. Typical human… we think.
Silver lining: they got a new permanent job open to them.

The heart: Trained in the ways of monster slaying their teacher clearly didn’t understand their oath to protect EVERYONE. Injured trying to get past a horde of familiar cats.

The muscle: Vampire using his androgynous charms to feed on nightlife predators and leave them sniveling wrecks of their former selves… also the only partner choice starting out.

The brain: Elven princess joined in this “experiment” to try and make sure it… at least doesn’t go bankrupt. She has a peace bet riding on this.

Werewolves: The bonds of a wolf don’t have to be with a pack. The wolf can’t tell the difference between friend and sworn family. One more thing: being their mate is not like some magical super marriage (sorry fantasy romantics).
If the human has any distress from their condition or other matters resolve ASAP. Overinflated egos as a result of power may also need looking into.

Mermaid: Don’t let them hear you compare them to popular fiction. Those big arms aren’t as flabby as they look. Since most of their disguises look mannish it usually isn’t an issue.

Orc: Heavy and tough like you’d expect but their stunted sweat glands get in the way of the whole warrior thing.

Frost: If it weren’t for the immortality you could mistaken them for really specialized mages.

Familiar: They come from simply imbuing an animal with extra magic. Doing it on purpose is usually safe but most are a result of an overflow crisis which can cause the resulting familiar to be… a bit on the overprotective side.

Vampire: No they don’t glitter… without makeup. The sun catastrophically nerfs them to the point they are a pushover. Garlic and vampires… reject each other that’s all. When struck with a wooden stake the forces of nature use it as an anchor point to bind them or further.

Elves: At the most basic they are actually really big jerks. At least they can be trusted to help when anything magical needs saving.

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