Super System: Monster Evolution (Wip) [60k words]

@Beastup Got a question! Will we be able to not only start our own religion like in the Slime series but also be able to rule our own territories along with upgrading it to a Kingdom also like the Slime series? Having forces would help since no matter how strong the MC becomes, they’re still one individual. Even if they got the RO’s help, when there are beings that are God level and other territories/kingdoms with a lot of people, you’re going to get overwhelmed eventually if you don’t have people and forces around similar levels.


Too bad the spider story isn’t here yet I am itching to play it.

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what are the starting species so far and how do i get them?

or is it just salamanders and silkweavers so far?

oh of course. i know about the community guidelines about updates.

and i see. thanks :+1:

It’s just Salamanders so far. Silkweavers are not implemented yet but they will be in the next update. The vote for the third starting species hasn’t happened yet. Beastup has mentioned in their Discord that they aim to release the update this month but there is a chance it could be delayed depending on what happens so don’t bother them about update estimates in the near future.


Love the game but I fear author will be stretched too thin. Salamander should be the starting species and as we evolved we can branch of just like at the end, either you take a more humonied appear or further down the line of animal path.

It will be way more manageable and author don’t have to burn out because so many possibilities and like it or not a lot of wip games never relese or much less advance ( and they are the great ones) , limiting the story in someway help the author make a more interesting story of that path then just stretch too thin on ever increasing demands and eventually burn out due to the project.

And one more question is author first time writing .( it’s a great game and interesting story telling , then the other, love it)


when you first see your status in the game there is a error during game play it tell you MC is 50 cm, but if you check in status option It say 1 meter.

saw two instances of the grammatical error of “her” turning into “hers”

here it is

MC is presumably one of many such recarniated individual into this new world for unknown purple as at last we read report about other 3 such creature and only one of them captured alive not killed for some unknown purpose

Is it possible to meet one of this creature (people) just like us. In the story and learn there story.

And can we get a more detailed description of the classification system and we’re human general rank according to it