Super System: Monster Evolution (Wip) [60k words]

@Beastup I don’t remember if I asked this before or if someone else mentioned this. But will there be poly? And if so, would it be freestyle poly where you can romance anyone in any combination or where you can only poly specific ROs together?

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I love it, was so sad when the demo ended… Can’t wait for more :smiling_face:




This is why I keep going through the forum. I haven’t seen this one yet, and I can’t believe that! It’s exactly in the realm of games I want to see more of.

I’m super excited to get through my first run, and even more excited to see the future updates! Keep up the great work, author. Plenty of eyes are going to be on this one.

Edit: I’m playing through and, while I kinda really like the system, I swear if it doesn’t stop bullying me, I’m going to find a way to eat it.


A poly would only be possible between Lobo and Flick, they are the only ones with the personality to sustain that lol.

Thank you so much for playing, im very glad you enjoyed it, much more is planned and honestly the scope this game is going to develop into scares even me lol.


I can’t wait for the update because if a lesser salamander is all ready rare, the fact that said salamander turned into a greater salamander they’re reactions would be hilarious, it would be like meeting a dodo bird and then after a couple of minutes it turns into a freaking T. rex (also mods notice how I said I can’t wait for the update and not when is the update, so please do not flag my comment)


I love this wip so much


Cant wait for spider so I can make my MC like anime I am spider so what.

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As for eldritch monster it probably would go from noneldrich animal first like parasite or something, then proceed there midway like hidden mutation or something.


I was reading some comments and I saw that there was a vote on which species would be added, and the spiders won, but I also saw the felines which made me wonder what they would be like if they were added. Maybe something like this?


I also found these artworks and I thought they were so cool that I just wanted to share them. WARNING: Some of the following arts show spiders. Just a warning if you have arachnophobia.




Would it be weird if I said that I thought this multi-headed baby dragon was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen?


Nope you’re just stated a fact the multi-headed dragon is the cutest thing ever existed


This is not a baby dragon, it’s a Hydra, even though some people describe the Hydra as a dragon and even make art of it as a dragon. A dragon and a Hydra have some differences even though the Hydra has a dragon-like body.



The Hydra is originally described and called a nine-headed serpent.


Can we start as fox and be kitsune later :grin:


I love these images! Especially the dragon ones! The Red Dragon image is my favorite, love those horns!


If it was added later in the future, I’m pretty sure the author would do it since it would be one of the obvious evolution. And it would be fun if we could become like Kurama if we go down the bestial route though that would be the classic Nine-Tailed Fox form anyway.

It would even be possible to do a move similar to the Tailed-Beast Bomb since there’s magic in the world we’re currently in.

Jijuu Bombs

Ten Tails Juubi Tailed Beast Bomb Bijuu Bomb on Make a GIF Naruto (Tailed Beast Bomb) Guide | Naruto Storm 4 Character Guide on Make a GIF
Kurama Tailed Beast Bomb GIF - Kurama Tailed Beast Bomb Naruto - Discover & Share GIFs

It would also be nice if we could execute an enemy like this.


Ichigo Vs Ulquiorra Vasto Lord Ichigo GIF - Ichigo Vs Ulquiorra Vasto Lord Ichigo - Discover & Share GIFs


Canines are always going to be an option to vote on, i especially find kitsunes interesting with their illusion magic and all.


how big of an update are you cooking author?

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I think last they mentioned this, the update was around 60k if I remember right. If they been working on it since then, then it’s definitely much more now considering how long it’s been. If not, then it’ll still be a good chunk of content at least.


dam cant wait for it

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