Summer Court Chapter 2: out NOW!

The second chapter of our COG, Summer Court, is out now!!

Please let us know what you think of it! We’re also on Tumblr at, come chat with us if you’d like!

-rosie, el, and mar


I’ve never played the first chapter, but this is really good! A few mistakes, but that’s hardly anything. I like the characters’ personalities and interactions, but I think it could with a few more choices/actions for the reader to make/take. Your prose is really good, but I think people may want to make choices more than they want to read (I do, at least). Overall, really good start.
I don’t mean to be a bother, but is there a link to the first chapter? : P

Hi!! Thanks for playing :slight_smile:

There is! The demo itself is the first and second chapter, so at the beginning of the demo it gives you an option to play from the beginning (including the prologue or not)!

Hopefully that clears it up!

-Rosie :slight_smile:


I really like it! Great variety of chars.

Cordia is alllll the personality :heart:

Love it so far!!! Will we be able to earn any of the magic in time, like could I still learn tarot even if I’m working in the kitchen?

The characters are so lovely!!! I actually felt…warm and welcome whenever the characters interact with me :’)
The game is simply beautiful and quite relaxing. I like that!

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Hi!! Thank you so much for playing :relieved:

Unfortunately tarot is tied to Alister’s route, so in order to learn about that form of magic, you’d need to focus your work with him— but that’s what replaying it is for, right? :wink:



I have a lot of fun with this - can’t wait to see how the story will unfold!
Though if I may suggest something, it’d be great to have a short introduction to the story in the original post of the thread. I’ve tried it out because I like the name of the game, but honestly I rarely try demos if I don’t know what the thing’s about.

Ah, I’ve noticed two mistakes along!

If you work with Ezra:

If you agree on letting him give an hands-on tutorial (at least in the shy fashion), on the next page the scene plays out as it should, but then by the end, the text that plays out if you don’t agree is also displayed.
It looks like that:

"Ah. He was talking to me the entire time and I didn’t hear any of it.

“Got it,” I lie through my teeth and get back to grating. Thankfully after staring at his hands for so long, I basically have it handled.

Ezra nods and proceeds to show me how to better grate butter, telling me about the angle of my wrist and how to grip the stick so it doesn’t slide out of my hand like wet soap. I mimic the motion until he hands the butter and the grater back to me, and after a few tries I finally have it handled."

I’ve checked out with the answers that make the MC refuse. And starting with “Ezra nods”, it should appear if you refuse, it seems. If it IS intentional for it to appear after the other text, it sounds a little weird since one tutorial should be plenty enough, no need to explain another time.

During the last scene of the demo, with Alistair, it says:

“As he turns it to see the day’s fate, a wave of magic crashes over him like a wave, dragging him down.”

“Wave” gets repeated.

I’ll be waiting for future updates! It’s very promising so far!

Hello!! Thank you so much for playing AND for finding these coding/editing mishaps! I really appreciate you leaving such detailed comments on what I missed, and they’re both now fixed up :slight_smile:

Also how do I edit the original forum post…? It won’t let me do it for some reason :frowning:


Really cool set up, I like all the characters and am intrigued about what’s going to happen. Played it for the first time today and I was so curious about the characters already have played it 3 times to see a bit more about their routes. Look forward to seeing what happens next.

Hey, a good premise and story and waiting for what’s next for the book. Quick question though, can we romance characters from other departments? I’ve been trying to romance T while working from the library section. Happy writing.


I’m afraid in order to romance a specific character you have to work in their department— for example, to get closer with Taran you need to work up front with them and Alister.
Thank you for playing!! :slight_smile:


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