Suggestion for update dates in titles, etc

I’m not American and still it kinda feels like you are making too much of a deal over something relatively small. You made your suggestion, but what’s the deal with insulting people when they don’t agree with you?


I’m German and the MM/DD/YYY method of writing isn’t used here, but I honestly gotta say I never even noticed or paid much attention to dates in forum titles.

So long as there isn’t any confusion about official dates (release dates and such), I feel like varying formats isn’t such a big problem, but YMMV

The confusion only starts when you exclusively use numbers

For instance, Feb 10 2018 is completely comprehensible but 2/10/2018 is a whole other story

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Alright, peeps. So which one will it be?

  • DDth Month YY
  • Mth DD, YYYY
  • Or should it be Capture?

Edit: Oops, this should be a poll.

Date Formatting Poll

Pick one that you prefer the most.

  • 2013-02-27 (YYYY-MM-DD ISO 8601)
  • 02-27-2013 (MM-DD-YYYY)
  • 2nd February 13 (DDth Month YY)
  • Feb 02, 2013 (Mth DD, YYYY Discourse date-and-time system)
  • Capture

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Keep in mind that this poll is merely an “opinion poll”, so we can see which one is more popular.
Later, once the discussion reaches to an agreement, all authors can adhere to it for a standardized format.

The reason I’m creating this (and probably also the reason this thread exists in the first place) is to primarily avoid the confusion between [DD/MM/YYYY] vs. [MM/DD/YYYY], and secondarily to make things tidy ('cuz I love tidiness).

Keep it going, folks.

P.S. Oh, and if your preference is not on the poll, simply “Reply” the poll. I’ll try to edit it when I can (Discourse Poll sucks)

Oh, the cat gets the number 2.
Seriously, guys. I wanted to relieve the tense at here, but since this post’s tone turned serious, I forgot to delete it ._.

I vote for the cat option xD


Who says i am american?
As i said i am used to DD/MM/YYYY
and i do not care what format someone uses, but if that is as intolerant as you say, then this german expresses his deepest apologies

I take it the cat option is the i don’t care option?

I personally prefer dd/mm/yyyy but I can get behind the Feb 02, 20… It seems the most clear to me. Everyone can understand that one.

This is only my opinion though, people are free to use whatever format they want.

Yeah I’ve never understood why so many countries opt for month-day-year instead of day-month-year, it makes way more sense to have the day first and not have to think if the day and month are 12 or under if it’s one thing or another.

If it bugs people though writing the month name and then the number is a perfectly fine alternative.

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There kind of isn’t, though–that’s the joke of the xkcd piece. The ISO tried to find something that wasn’t declaring victory for either the US standard or the rest-of-the-world standard, and ended up (perhaps unsurprisingly) with something basically nobody uses. I’ve worked in a couple dozen countries, seen a lot of dates on a lot of papers, and have yet to see the ISO format anywhere but xkcd.

Claiming it will resolve disputes and confusion if we all switch to it is true… in the same sense as it’s true that we could all understand each other better if we took the time to become fluent in Esperanto. I take this to be the point xkcd is putting across (perhaps with a hint of sincere engineer’s annoyance that it’s not feasible).


I’m not insulting people. If anyone is feeling insulted that’s on them.

My problem is I made a suggestion and got dismissed with imperialism and dismissed with “I’m not having a problem so there isn’t one”.

I wasn’t specifically suggesting we switch to ISO 8601, the XKCD was just to make the point. What I’m requesting is date clarity - whatever form it may take. ISO 8601 is a viable option out of many.

The mishmash of dates is confusing - especially when I just get XX/XX in a thread title. XX Feb or Feb, XX is as fine as 8601.

Not sure if I would define it as Imperialism, honestly I would say people here in Europe seem to have to figure out the MM/DD/YY much more than the opposite since as American websites dominate the website it’s often the default date system. So we have more of an issue than I assume Americans and anyone else who uses that system does.

As I said earlier, a written month like XX Feb or Feb XX works fine for everyone.

While reading the posts they didn’t seem so dismissive as you make them sound. They even made suggestions too, which idea you didn’t like if i recall correctly bc it was the “American way”. But on your part it sounded like an overreaction to blame the whole community just bc people didn’t react to your idea the way you expected them too.

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The posts I was largely reacting to have been edited to not say what I was reacting to. Most posts since have been “I don’t have a problem so there isn’t one”.

People are probably going to post dates however they want, but if you don’t ask for something you’ll never get it.

Trying to shut down a suggestion because you’re fine with the status quo - I don’t know how to describe that in a friendly way.

This is a lie.

Even as my original posting I said: “Personally, I respect each individual’s ability to run their WiP thread the way they see fit and have no issues with whichever standard they chose to use but if there is a standard to be enforced…”

The problem is one of your own making because you are reading tone where existed and that is on you, as you say it. I’m kindly asking you to quit bad-mouthing me personally in this thread. And do not go there pretending you do not mean me … that ship has already sailed and it is obvious who you are slandering.

I am tired of your passive agressive shit. @moderators I request intervfention at this point because this user is slandering me continually in this thread.

My comments have referred to you and others. You later edited your posts, others coming later to the thread will not see what I was reacting to as a result.

Since you’ve called the moderators I’ll let them make up their minds, but all this mess over a request for clearer dates?

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Whenever an author creates a new, or updates, a topic, they also say when it was last updated, which is nice. But there is no set way to do that. Some authors do the European style of day/month/year, or some do it the American way of month/day/year. I know that it can be figured out other ways if one just looked for context clues, but still, it might be useful if there was a set rule for dating posts.

Also this would be my first post on this forum.

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I agree!

Or, you know, if months were written out in letters instead of numbers. (“October” or “Oct” instead of “10”) Simple, uncomplicated, easy to do. :man_shrugging:

@Fiogan little whoopsie there, sorry bout that XD