Subscription or Bulk Price?

I was wondering if you’ve ever considered a subscription service or “one time charge” (similar to what Delight Games does)? All the stories on Android cost $4-7 apiece, & while I know that’s comparable to a book I might buy elsewhere, it’s just too costly for me with the dozens of stories I would love to buy from y’all. If I could just pay maybe $3-4 a month for unlimited access to your stories, or a bulk price like Delight Games does (I think there’s is $21 for access to all their content), that would make it easier for people to access all your amazing stories.

Another thing I would mention that Delight Games does, is that they have 1 app with all of their stories in it, & I think this would help in the Android app store to just be able to download 1 app & get to all your stories from there, versus searching the Playstore for each individual app.

Thanks so much for reading my long post, & I hope to hear something soon!

I would never pay subscription services It os literally say You could dropped down quality due i will pay money anyway. Then the stuff there are authors i don’t like content and I know it will sound harsh but i don’t want pay as I don’t like that content I want my money going to people ithink it deserved it or make content i consider quality and important. Subscription has dropped quality in companies that have it to point several stories are Copy paste bungalow. It same videogames with pre orders and season passes the content included and quality drop and drop to give plus value to subscribe content the all game as service etc…


Delight makes their money through in-app currency needed to play etc iirc.

Also, delight has iirc only a few in-house authors and stories, compared to how many CoG has, HG not yet counted.
Your model would not work under these circumstances.


As always you say what I wanted to say far more polite than me. :slight_smile:


I personally would never pay a subscription service for something like COGs as I would end up paying more money in the long run. Subscriptions build up fast and I buy COGs rarely. Though I see why some people would prefer subscriptions.

Also the subscription service probably wouldn’t be economically viable in the slightest for COG as many normies will probably scoff at the idea of a subscription service or sign up, play like a few games over a week. Then cancel, playing a few dozen dollars worth of games for 3 bucks. And very few people I imagine would buy the bulk thing, or at least very few people that are not already choice of games fans.

And this would only work if said fans only tend to purchase a few games at a time, since if it turns out this community statistically buys a shit ton of these games COG would lose money again as they would basically be handing them out for free.

Though apparently this Delight Games has got this to work so there is probably more to it.

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I would rather have bundles for specific types/genres of games or specific series. Not every type of game would interest everyone.


I am like Mara, I would not pay a monthly fee for all games, I want to contribute to exactly the authors I want to assist. So I buy those games, I always tend to buy more games per month than I am able to read^^ but with everything to read I would likely miss more, becaus I could not decide what to read. As another point it might be very difficult to decide how much of a monthly fee should go to which author.

I am also no big fan of patreon, I would much more like the possibility to give once, than have to give every month. A service in which I could pay once and not monthly would be nice^^


But even then those bundles will make that I will gave money to game and authors i don’t like their work at all. (Nothing personal against anyone here. Each one has their tastes and want that is money goes to author one likes only that)

I have a big problem with subscription based due it is a vote for quantitative not quality. As the only the company will normally do is launch quantities to make you think you are worth money in the quantity. That drop overall quality to a bare bare bare bare bare bare minimum to point some are copy paste of a similar game with similar art launched last month. I mean a friend of mine picked subscription of a rival company of cog and I mistake two different series lol because the content was almost same… And don’t get me started with a popular Choice company (Joking name really as have everything except choices) That Google app doesn’t stop recommended me with more machismo games ever… Compared with those companies Cog and hosted are an oasis of excellent content

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Tipeee has that function, and many authors have ko-fi and/paypalMe

There is another problem to be seen, people tend to always want more, so when they get the bundles, there will be just more demanding or more complaining, because people tend to think, that they want to get "something " for their money, so it will on long term only result in complaints about: no games of my interest this months or game is to short or I pay a monthly fee, why is there just one game a month and so on. And as we all know, little complaints tend to lead to low ratings, low rating which then would damage every CoG game, since you can not vote for one in particular. To cope this it might lead, like Mara said, to more quantity, which helps no one.

@MeltingPenguins Really? Oh Ithought it was also a monthly thing, hm have to take a closer look at your side then^^


no…I think that cheapen the hard work everyone put in their stories…

and I hate subscriptions…


I agree with pretty much every one else. I would not be interested in a subscription to CoG. I really don’t think it would suit what CoG does anyway. They rely on the quality of their stories to sell them. It’s an honest model to sell a quality product.


Wow I never expected to hear so much negativity from my post 0_o I totally understand what people are saying about loss of quality; I definitely wouldn’t want that to happen. I just wish that the prices were a little more affordable for me :frowning: I’ve downloaded over a dozen stories so far, and I’ve only had 1 that I didn’t really care for. But I just can’t afford to spend $80-100 on all of them, and only have scratched the surface of all the stories the company offers. I’m a rabid reader and burn through these stories fast, but I guess I’m just going to have buy when I can and otherwise go without


To me, the more options, the merrier. Simple as that.


I understand your view I have games bought since 2011 and got more than 100. I certainly can’t go and buy all same time . but i don’t think subscription is the way. subscription assumes that you will have new content available each month and each single month to maintain the subscribers. So that mean Cog and hosted should at least released each one game each week as minimum (subscribers will certainly demanding more) But this games need months even years and months of testing and editing to maintain the current level of quality and word accounts.

So only way to make it viable is make game shorter and more linear and without doubt drop quality to increase quantity

Cog writers doesn’t appear as pokemon in wild and Cog is not Netflix to pay five different creative groups companies and studios to create content in all world to maintain subscription new content. They are a small independent company not EA origin or Xbox game pass

However some kind of Sales week with cheaper games or A bundle with One author all games I could understand that and see it useful.