Subject Zero - WIP (Updated 9/25/23, 56K Words)

Oooooh~ I love this. Don’t get much cyberpunk content so this makes me happy. Looking forward to more updates :slight_smile:


Yessss, cyberpunk! Love this demo. Interesting start, nice weapon and dialogues with Robin are priceless.


“The Venators’ current commander is Angela Steel.”

Is that little reference to Fallen Hero? xD


I actually didn’t realize this till now, lmao. But now that you mention, it might as well be. Could be my subconscious tripping me into a freudian slip hah.


Lmao You get straight to the point huh? :joy:

But, I won’t judge because i’m right there with you. Are you going the revenge or Power route?

I can’t wait to see MC use gravity powers. This is so cool :fire:

I enjoy the interactions with Robin. He makes such funny duet with my MC. I can imagine them ending up in bed sooner or later :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Although I’m also curious about other ROs… Ves, I imagine them to be similar to Steel in terms of personality (I wonder if I’m right).

Liam/Lilia - A privileged kid, huh? Take Herald (Sorry for that FH references, I can’t help myself), replace all his positive features with negative ones. Ta-dahh!
If they are as bad as the description suggests, I will make sure my MC is asshole to them xD

Vidal - I’m not sure what to think of them yet. But “responsible for smuggling drugs” will definitely be encouraging enough for MC considering that drugs are his vice :joy:

Tris - Haven’t we met her already? In the club, the scene with Fin :thinking:


Yeah, in chapter 3, everything will go to hell and MC gets to break out of their shell so to speak. This is also the chapter where Ves makes their entrance. Tris’s brief appearance at the club in chp1 was to set up her scene in chp2, where she will play a significant part. J will make their debut in chp4, and L will be mentioned in chp2, although the MC won’t meet them until chp4.

It’s kind of a slow start, but I wanted to set the tone of the story, to let the player connect with their character. Also, let them see that MC can kick ass without their powers, and to show the physical combat system and the net-system(chp2) before MC gets to finally embrace their psionics. It will be cathartic, at least it’s how I’m picturing it to be. lol.


Phenomenal start, and I’m a sucker for the setting/premise, loved every second of it really. Excited to find out more about certain RO’s/meeting them too!
Will be keeping a close eye on this going forward for sure, and I wish you all the best working on this project! :relaxed:


Thank you all! I’m already working on chp2,
I’m also polishing some aspects in chp1 in the meantime.

Things to fix in chapter1:

-Add dialogue tags to some dialogue choices to make it more clear to the player on what personality stat is being changed, since I feel like right now it’s a bit confusing.

-Fix typos / stat distribution.

-Edit the character customization section, polish it/expand on it (maybe?). Though, I doubt how much of the appearance variables I will be mentioning throughout the game, but some people seem to like the whole in-depth customization thing, so I might make it available for those who are interested. I’m also thinking of adding a choice to pick from an appearance preset for players who just don’t want to go through it, and only pick the essentials (like gender, height, and the tattoo). Not sure yet.

-I’m currently experimenting with the rivalry/friend relationship system to see if I can manage it well going further into the game. I would like to make it work since it gives me more dynamics to explore between the characters. Sure, it might mean more stuff to write/code, but I find the idea to be fun. Too early to decide yet. Still, would like to give it a try at least since I’m still in the early stages of writing.

That is all for now.


Will it be possible to turn this off? I don’t like any tags in options, they distract me.

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Hmm, maybe I can add a choice at the beginning of the game for the player to chose whether they want see what stat is being changed instead.

Example: choice:
I smile (+kind)
I cry (+emotional)

Something like that would be better I think. I don’t like adding tags a lot, makes it feel unnatural. At least, in my opinion.


revenge route sounds more like what doomguy would do, its gonna be awesome


Yep but It’s understandable considering what the kidnapper and what the experimental soldier program did to the mc. Sure the Mc isn’t a blank like the others but we are still not sure what the doc did.

I’m looking forward to reading more of this, as it gets released

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So good! Looking forward to seeing this progress!! Keep up the amazing work <3


Well now, this sounds super edgy and I’m here for it. I’m avoiding WIPs currently, but I look forward to seeing your updates! The premise here certainly excites me!



  • I’ve fixed some typos, bugs, and some stat distribution.
  • Expanded on the character customization section (I think I went a little overboard though, lol). Also added the option to skip it and only pick the essentials for players who don’t care much for it.
  • Added reputation system.
  • Added new stat compassionate/jaded. Also changed some stat names that I felt were too extreme.

Work on chp2 is going well, currently sitting at 15k words. I would like to finish it by next month, but it’s still a rough first draft so we see how it goes.


I like the story so far. I really like the concept. Through out the reading, I was channeling Jack from mass effect as subject zero. I think it was working pretty well. I cannot wait to see how all of this unfolds and what waits for subject zero.


Finally I’ve been looking forward for progress on this wip. I wonder if the rep system will trigger specific events depending on your decisions being a decent person or infamous villain.

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Wow, that’s a lot of new customization. Now I’m not even sure how I imagine my character, because there are several options (e.g. hairstyles) that I like and I don’t know which one to choose xD

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