Street Jam: The Rise (Finished and submitted)


Hey Tevin how goes you and the finalization of the last artwork.


Seems to be going okay, I think.


Well that’s good, but how are you though?


Stressed these days lol


We all have those days, but you’ll get through it just always take a break when you need it and always stay positive. You can do this!


Hey Tevin how’s your day going?


Pretty good.

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@Tevin I feel a strong disappoint starting this game. “Street Jam” implies simple, gritty street fighting, not a magical overlord creeping into a mansion to be transformed (resulting in me having to describe myself twice, which feels tedious) by some goddess who I complete tasks for and…did I click the wrong link or what?

A small tweak to the description (which mentions NONE of the non-street fighting beginning) or to the name (which implies none of it) might help, but this disconnect is a major problem.

It’s painful, because I would LOVE to play a street fighter CYOA, but the intro is that jarringly different from it. If nothing else, give me an option to skip the crap at the beginning so I can play the game being advertised in this thread, because THAT is the game I want to play.


You do realize scrolling up a few comments would explain this entire situation to you right? Lol


How many is a “few,” because I didn’t see that. Also, why not just update your original post? Also, that doesn’t change the fact that your name and teaser have no connection to what I am confronted with when I click on the link.


Well you could scroll up now and see. Anyhow, never really thought about it actually, but the title finished and submitted should clue veteran people on the forums in. And the reason for that is stated above as I’ve told you already, sorry you were late to the punch, but it’s all out now.


So how goes Jun’s progress? By the way I loved the Samuel L. Jackson picture.

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Very well done!

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So what are you going to do now?

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@MindightWatcher I know right!

@WarMachine658 Wait until he finishes it.

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What else is there left to do for Jun because the artwork looks very awesomely done to me? Sorry for this question I don’t know much about making certain artworks.


Well there is a lot of open space for more things or people to be seen.



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