Steven Universe COG idea

I have been watching Steven Universe on TV and on Youtube. I was wondering if anyone would make a CoG where the PC is a new Gem who comes to Earth.


Yes, more non-binary women protags!!! Yay!

You could, of course, but you can’t sell it for money on the store or hosted. You could host it for free on your own site after making it though, I’ve seen that happen. As it goes most people here want money, and something like that isn’t really worth their time.


Well, you could try and get hold of the rights to make a game based on Steven Universe. I suspect that might be tricky.

Or you can do your own unique thing just inspired by it.


This would be my preference - more original works would enrich us all.


I don’t see anything wrong with making a fan game. Creating your own alien race and scenario inspired by Steven universe might just be a better option in case you stop liking the show later!

You could get away with giving a fan game away and just take donations for it on a blog you’re advertising it on, as long as the actual game is free.

Maybe even on a site like where it’s pay what you want? I would research how legal that is first though.

If you were to do that you’d need to speak with Choice of Games. Soliciting donations for games written in choicescript, isn’t a way to get around choice of games rules.

And I can’t see it being legal either to solicit money on a fan-work. (Although I do know some people do that.)


Once the player picks out the type of gem they pick out the weapon and any special abilities that the gem has. Like a Period who packs a pair of rai and can control lighting.


I can’t create the game. I don’t know how.

That’s what we’re here for. To teach you how to make your own game ideas!


Maybe if I had a partner who does the coding for me while I write the game.

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Nooo!!! We’re not allowed to advertise for coders!

But, the great thing about choicescript is it was specifically designed for writers to learn. It’s not difficult code, it’s made for non-coders! And there’s a whole community of people here who want to help you make games! So we’ll all help you learn!


Yeah, as Modfeather said, CS is crazy easy to learn. In fact, as someone who does coding to make ends meet, I think it’s a great introduction to coding.

While, personally, I don’t necessarily like the idea of a game that’s so heavily inspired by something as to be titled like it, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to get practice with fanworks. A lot of popular authors today (cough ELJAMES cough) got their start with fanfiction.

Hell, that’s how I got interested in writing nearly 12 years ago.

So I definitely think this is a fantastic opportunity for you to grow as a writer and learn some very useful skills on the way :slight_smile:

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do we play as new type of gems or gems that they show in the shows

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