Stats Screen Error


Using Firefox, I tested me game, and tried opening the thats screen, and it came up with a error message:

line 5: invalid indent, expected at least one row

This is the code I used, it’s not finished, and I’ writing it from the notepad, since I know no alternative:
Review your character here.


percent Intellegence
percent Strength
percent Tolerance
percent Agility
opposed_pair Honor
opposed_pair Imagination

Can somebody tell me what I’m doing wrong? I’m new to coding, and I can’t seem to figure it out.


You might want to look into downloading Notepad ++ if at all possible. It’s free and easier to read through.

Also, unless when you posted it on here and it changed the indentions all together, is everything under your *stat_chart indented?


You need a tab before each of those percents. Have you done that?


Like Babisko said, I’d suggest using Notepad++. It has a lot of cool features and is meant for coding. Also, everything after *stat_chart needs to be indented (you can indent them as many times as you want, as long as it’s consistent)


im currently having difficulties too. im relatively certain my choicescript is correct. i wrote:
text Strength
text Dexterity
text Constitution
text Intelligence
text Wisdom
text Charisma

and when i try to execute my stat screen, it says, Line 4: non-existent variable ‘leadership’.
any help?


Do you have the word ‘leadership’ anywhere on that page?

Leadership is a default variable from the files you download. It will be present in your .txt files somewhere.


on which page? my game page or my stat chart page?


oh… nm i fixed it :slight_smile: thank you so much


Good! Btw, I should tell you that all *labels, *gotos and variables need to be all lower case.


@Samuel_H_Young That’s not actually true as ChoiceScript is not case-sensitive, so ‘ChoiceScript’ is the same as ‘choicescript’ whether used as a variable or label name, for instance (e.g. *goto ThisLine will indeed jump to *label thisline with no trouble at all).

However, it’s generally considered good practice to stick to lower case, simply (I suppose) because some other languages are case-sensitive so it makes the transition easier?

Edit - apologetic qualifier: Yes, the ChoiceScriptDev Wiki is in dire need of updating / correcting.


Jason had me change all of the labels, gotos and variables in Trial of the Demon Hunter to make them completely lower case.