stat_chart and percents over 100


I see that 160% seems to work fine… Is there an upper limit?

Will percents over 100% display okay when released?


Last time I checked I believed it went through the bar line. something that I really did not wanted to happen >__<

I made a code for that saying that if it reached 100% make it stay at 100%

*if variable1 >= 100
*set variable1 100

So yeah, if you do not tell the stats to stop at 100 it will continue, not sure if stays inside the bar or it goes forward…


Currently, that’s what I’m doing. I create a *temp var, if it’s over 100, I set it to 100 and display that instead. So, I’m maintaining values over 100 and displaying them as 100%.

In Firefox, stats of 160% and larger look just fine. But, will it look over in all of the platforms when released? How large can it go?

Another fix, for me, would be to show a percent in stat_chart without the value or % sign… is there a way to remove that?


you would have to do it as Stat number isntead of stat percentage
and then you cant control the grow of the stat that well.


Isn’t that why they recommend you use the percentage math? …instead of increasing by 20, increase by %20, which I’m guessing is 20% of the empty bar? (making stats harder to increase as they get higher)


We did the same thing, but opposite for a stat that actually dipped into the negatives (which also messed up the stat bar otherwise), and it worked beautifully!


@CaesarCzech Number isn’t an option in stat_chart. Do you mean to just use text? I’ve considered this, but I like the pretty bars.

@Hanon_Ondricek Yes, Fairmath settles this, but I want to use regular math in this case.

Does anything break by displaying bars over 100? If not, is there a reasonable limit for all platforms which is greater than 100?

And I’m guessing that there is no way to remove the number and percent which automatically embeds itself into the percent bar, right?