Sovereign of Ranree (WIP) (Fantasy) (Update 04/12)

No one ever said ruling a nation would be easy.
Especially not if there is a conspiracy brewing that threatens not just your people, but possibly the peace across the entire known world.

You are the ruling Sovereign of the nation of Kadalogia, the most powerful empire in the known world of Sildrys. And sinister forces are conspiring against you.

Can you uncover the dark deeds?
Prevent war?
Bring peace and mend torn bonds?
Or will you let it go to the known Hells?

Play The WiP Here

Update 04/12/2019

  • Set game to free for all instead of genderlocked (thanks to everyone who voted :slight_smile: )
  • Reorganized the stats screen


  • Finish Intro
  • Fix typos
  • Decide on ROs and introduce them

Current length: 2k per playthrough, 3k code


What are the pros and cons of either choice?

Also, following the link gives me the message that the game is set to private, and I need the direct link.


ah, dang. hold up

EDIT: does it work now?

As for the pros and cons:

The only difference would be in on of the antagonist’s motives and in how an NPC reacts, truth be told.


It works now. :ok_hand:

Well, if the genderlocking is not super important, I’d keep it open.
But I’m biased, as I wouldn’t play it, if it was locked to female…


It isn’t super important AND can the motives/etc be made to vary anyway. Hell, I could even have the motives be random per play through

I’ll keep the poll open however

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Defo make it open cause some girls like to be men and males like to be male and female

Will this game launch on playstore once you are finished ?

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When hosted games are finished, they can be submitted to Choice of Games; if approved, yes, they will appear on Google Play.


Then please make it free for all, as those seem like fairly minor plot points. Particularly if it only changes the antagonist’s motives and not their actions.


I am not comfortable with games locked to one gender. Especially story driven games. Unless it is super important that is.

I know you said you planned to have more in the demo, but I really like what I’ve seen so far. The worldbuilding is already interesting, I enjoy the fact we’re empress and actually ruling right from the start, and the banter between the ministers flowed well. I liked the “interfere and set them straight” option – it reminded me of Ned Stark.

If I had any criticisms, it’s that I think the relationship names on the stat bars are too long and make the font too small.

Also, this line:
You nod curtly. And hit your flat hand unto the table, calling for silence. “Lord Fournier, Lord Turnbull, sit down. Lord Phillips, I’d like you to share your train of thoughts.”
This works if the MC is bold or blunt, but it feels too direct for a timid or polite character.

Otherwise, I’m looking forward to hearing what else the council has to say. :relaxed:

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I will try.
But itll take some time.
You could check my other wip in the meantime

Will you include military campaigns too

There will be mention of it, but thf focus is on uncovering a conspiracies

being not bing

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thank you ;_;

My keyboard is dying. There are a lot of missing es in my text. I try to go pokemon on them, but some elude me

EDIT: though as the genderlocked version won’t happen, this one may frolic off.

How can I add screenshot

Click on the little picture in the box where you enter a reply

As the poll was pretty definite about not making the game genderlocked, I went ahead and uploaded a new, open for all version.

It’s at 2k words per playthrough now, with about 3k words with code.
No saves yet, nor achievements.

Enjoy nonetheless


I liked the new update. I mentioned before the banter between the ministers flowed well, and I think the options for us siding with Phillips or Fournier adds to that. It helped give a sense that the empress isn’t just being an audience for the ministers’ squabbles but actually participating in it. I also liked how there’s the possible repetition and habit of the MC looking out the window as they think.

One question – Cadwallader talks about “the Papal” – is that the title of the religious leader? I’m just thinking that papal is normally an adjective concerning the Pope so it made me wonder if a word was missing. :thinking:

Looking forward to what Phillips has to say about Lord Thornburn. :relaxed:

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