Some noob questions about inventory (more in the comments)

Currently coding my inventory and it’s working (mostly).
The problem is that I want every item in its own line and not separated by commas (kinda like a checklist?). I’ve been using *line_break to do it, but now I’ve realised that if an item is set to false, it won’t appear on the list but there will be a blank space where that item should go. Like this:

*temp inventory ""
*if backpack
*if flashlight
*if rusty_dagger
    Rusty Dagger
${rations} Rations
${water} Bottles of water
*if empty_bottles >=1
    ${empty_bottles} Empty Bottles
${matches} Matches


Is there any way I can make those blank spaces disappear without having to write my inventory all in one line with commas?

Have you tried indenting it, so it follows the *if command?

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Indenting the line break? I have not!

But it works!
I can’t believe it was this simple, omg…
Thank you so much!

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Have you tried just adding [n/] to the end of each option?

What does that do? Haven’t seen that tag anywhere…

[n/] is the equivalent of *line_break, but you can put it [n/] inside [n/] the [n/] text.

They’ll look like

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So if the text is not currently being used, it won’t do anything? I’ll look into that! Thank you!

Not really…

The [n/] tag functions literally the same as *line_break, except it’s now a tag, not a command.
The tag doesn’t have to be on its own line.

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