"Social Services of the Doomed" — They have magic and fangs. You have red tape!

I cant figure out how to romance Vanja? My relationship was good with them but when I invited them for dinner they turned me down. And this may be the first game where wizards irks me and one of my mc being a wizard still has no problem pointing out how many wizardly crimes they have committed.
Overall the story is good, have to play it a few more times to make sense of the whole plot and the stats can be a bit confusing, for me, at times.

Trying to be as nice as possible to Vanja starting in Ch2 has always worked for me. Even if you can’t always be nice, try to antagonize them as little as possible. If you do it right, Vanja will actually take the initiative and ask you out.

In any case, don’t give up - Vanja in love is just so awkwardly sweet. Totally worth it! (And there’s so much branching in this game, so much to discover, even so much cleverly variant flavoring text in the parts that appear in every playthrough, that it’s entirely possible to play several times in a row without getting bored.)


So, as far as I can tell Vanja will always turn you down when you ask them out there, because you’re still in contention with them for the promotion and they don’t want to start a relationship with you while you’re still competing for the same prize. After the promotion issue is resolved, they’ll ask you out if your relationship is high enough for a romance.


Wow you peoples Vanja is totally different to mine. I’m playing a demon and have managed to antagonise Vanja, ( pointing out their speciesism and getting them to realise that they where being a bit of a bigot) and then asked Vanja out and started dating after an argument which ended with my mc asking Vanja for drinks in a totally dateable way.

I love that. I think it’s fair to say that Vanja has a real love-hate relationship with the MC. If you can confront them in a calm, rational, compassionate way, which really isn’t easy considering how caustic they can be, they’ll even admit that they unfairly resent you for being so good at your job, better than they are, and making it look easy. So I can imagine there’s some twisted-up and buried romantic interest in there, even if they treat you terribly.

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Vanja is such a fun twist on the workplace nemesis. My MC tended to treat them with professionalism (we’re both doing the same job and working towards the same goal, why be more of a dick than necessary) and I think as a result they eased up themselves. They even asked him out (awkward since I was already pursuing Shay :grimacing:)


I love that the ROs in this game have lives that don’t revolve entirely around the PC, and how they can do anything from reject the PC to take the initiave based on the relationship you’ve built with them, even if it makes for awkward moments. And I love that they all have satisfying friendship routes as well.


Does anyone know how to increase the relationship and start a romance with the vampire because I’m having trouble.

That’s pretty much exactly how I’ve seen it play out.

Were you the copyeditor on this game?

In all honestly, while the fun part of being a mediator in the realm of supernatural magics, I wasn’t all that thrilled playing through a couple of times. Story is kinda on the short side, the “romances” are severely lacking, your kinda forced into dealing with the semi loveable demon most of the time, and while the endings are alright for the most part, they could have been better.

In short: 2.5/5 for me. It’s an alrightish story but there could have been more added and better romancings and ending work in my honest opinion. Not terribly bad but not that great either overall.


Yup! You guessed it! :slight_smile:


My heart skipped a beat when Hikaru was introduced. I remember enjoying his route during the beta test, but I don’t recall the beta have character portraits. Hot Damn! What a hunk!

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The beta didn’t have character portraits! When I learned they had been added for the final version, I clicked through a few chapters just to see them, but I haven’t ever seen male Hikaru.

Interestingly, the only characters that looked at all how I (semi-)pictured them were Patricia and the Astral Bear.


Ok, I love Hikaru, but Vanja is not far behind.

Hey all,

We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the sales numbers on this game, and we were interested in understanding in more detail what you like about it.

  • Was it the wit of the author’s writing? Like, there’s a lot of just wry, funny lines.
  • Was it the relationships? People see infatuated with Hikaru and Vanja.
  • Did you like the slice-of-life quality of being a bureaucrat, which is so different from being a superhero or a sword-slinging warrior?
  • Did you like it for being contemporary, instead of fantastical or period?
  • Did you like the character creation choices (in particular the different races) and how that played out throughout the game?

Any other thoughts are appreciated!


The writing was sarcastic as all hell and paperwork was a viable way to defeat our enemies; what‘s to complain about?

I absolutely love the humor and the tone. It’s intelligent satire but also laugh-out-loud funny. That kind of writing is hard to do well, which is probably why we don’t see it so often, but I would definitely love to see more of it.

The worldbuilding feels both fantastic and realistic in the best way. I loved reading about what life was like in this world where so many sapient races existed, sometimes uneasily.

What I love most about this game, however, is the sheer attention to detail. It didn’t feel like flavoring text, it felt like the world of the game responding to my character. It’s easy to want to play this game again and again and explore all the different branching paths with different character builds just to pick up on all the delightful little nuances.

(And I’m delighted to hear that this game is apparently receiving the attention it deserves.)


That’s awesome! A well-deserved win. I appreciate the clever and original take on supernatural creatures that was also very clear and accessible. The characters all had really clear silhouettes, if that makes sense. Lots of very good choices made, I think, in the creation of the game. Congrats!


definitely these two. i love slice of life, and while i do love period, i certainly am very bored of being a hero or warrior. sometimes it’s more fun to play as a normal person! :yum: