So how do you make a choice fade after selecting it

So like I’ve seen games where the choice fades after selecting it does anyone know how to program that?


You mean have it disappear?

*hide_reuse #option
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Or if you want it grayed out but still visible, do *disable_reuse #option

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Where do you put it? Under or above the #choice.

Beside it, like so:
*hide_reuse #this is a choice

It didn’t work I did this
*hide_reuse #Agility
The track must’ve gave you that advantage. fills with jealousy

Hmm, is that how your code looks? What was the error message? At first glance, it seems the problem is indenting. You will have to indent the text that comes after the choice:

    *hide_reuse #Agility
        The track must’ve gave you that advantage
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there is no error message the answer choice just wont disappear

Can you show the code of this section? Because it will only disappear if you are coming back to the same choice block. For example:

*label repeat

   #Nothing else.
      *goto after_choice
   *hide_reuse #Agility
      *set agility +1
      *goto repeat
   *hide_reuse #Strength
      *set strength +1
      *goto repeat

*label after_choice
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Oh that makes sense thankyou