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One question I have is why would a form ask who you are romantically interested in? It just seems weird. I see it from an author’s standpoint but from a reader’s it’s strange.
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Not gonna lie, I was out of ideas as to how to ask that when I wrote that scene. So the reason is a whole lot dumber than what you may think. :crying_cat_face: I was either gonna drop it and make a whole new part at the bar for that (Not with Thaddeus though), or make it a mandatory part for the setting.

@SirYetiBro I’m not really sure how I’d manage that. More page breaks maybe? They look kind of awkward to me though. This is probably my preference as a reader seeping through here, but I don’t really mind reading walls of text. Maybe if it gets too be too wall-y I can dial it down. Is it too wall-y though?

@FutbolDude21586 @GIO443 @Drakeye
Thank you for the show of interest! I hope you’ll stick around! :smile_cat:


Or just by making multiple paragraphs on one page, just a little space so the whole screen isn’t text is all.


Yeah, I think it would read better with more page breaks… The first idea about making a new, separate bar scene sounds like it might help tighten up the plot… :wink:


@Bjorked @Kelvin

Yeah, I’m adding more page breaks, and uhh decided against adding that bit in the bar scene, though I probably should expand that part to make it more interactive. Felt a bit too fast.

Also, as this story gets longer and longer, I find it harder to test the coding, do you guys have any ideas on how to do that? I was thinking of making shortcut choices to just jump to scenes with certain parameters, but that’s just my patchwork approach to things.


Well there is randomtest and quicktest which always work well for me. The jump wouldn’t be a terrible idea but you do have stats and unles those are changed when you jump then I’m not sure it would be all too helpful.


You can also put the scene you’re testing into a separate .txt file. Then when you change anything, you can go to the stats menu and when you go back you’ll start at the beginning of that file. (This won’t work if stats or something are needed.)


You could try using this save system…
I used it and it actually works…

Down side: your play testers can only use it on dashingdon if you post a compiled file to the site…

Upside: Still, makes local playtesting a lot less annoying :wink:

Saving System Plugin

[Update] Apparently, I was just doing this wrong, you can absolutely use this on without compiling… Oops! :sweat_smile:

AFTER: Zero Life (WIP) *Tiny Update 9/10*

Oh this looks nice, but I seriously don’t know how to actually use it. :joy_cat:

Edit: Actually, I just remembered that @Kelvin kindly offered to help with coding. I’ll be taking up that offer now, could you explain how to use this plugin?



Yeah no problem! Have you read this post yet?

There are basically three options: one is easy and the other two are different and a little better but harder to implement. I’d be willing to work through any of the three with you if you don’t understand how over pm but I wouldn’t be able to until tonight as I’m on my phone and many things (the photos on cjw’s post for example) don’t show.


Yup, I linked to the pre-configured version, so all you have to do is follow these instructions and you’re good to go!

The ‘mygame’ part of the *sm_init command gets replaced with your game’s name, eg. smoky as in this :

*sm_init smoky | 3

The | 3 part indicates that you want 3 save slots. if you want more/less, etc. all you have to do is change that number…

The only thing that’s different from what @fiogan says is that now the ‘checkbox’ they’re talking about is in the ‘edit game details’ section at

Good luck! :wink:


Oh so it’s like a study in steampunk? Make sure the endings are satisfying. I’ve played games that weren’t and it disturbed me greatly. That being said I hope it’s a success so I could have more to play.


Be sure to add many choices for romance.


Oh I know how you feel. I’ve played many games and read many stories where the ending just lost me, many a letdowns have been had. I’m not the greatest writer around, and I’m new at this, but I do hope I’ll be able to write a satisfying ending. I’ll try my darndest to do so. :smiley_cat:

Also, coincidentally, it’s actually more like Eagle’s Heir, since airships take the spotlight here, not mechs as in A Study in Steampunk. Thanks for the interest by the way. :joy_cat:

Huge thanks for this and to the person who made the plugin in the first place, saves me a lot of time! :smile_cat:

I’ll try my darndest sir! Also, thanks for the interest. :smile_cat:


Yeah I guess it’s like eagles heir. Do NOT put boss fights like silent
gear. I was angry and slight bit crazy from the boss fights. But put a
skill meant for flying, shooting(like the cannons), swordfighting,
shooting(guns and rifles), and captaining. That would be fun to do.
GoodLuck and I can’t wait for it to come out.


Hello everyone! It’s been ages since I last posted here, and that’s pretty much because I was swamped with both work and campus responsibilities. :crying_cat_face:

I apologize for disappearing for a whole month, but I’ve still been working on the game whenever I had free time. I’ve made some changes and progressed the story, though not past chapter 1 yet sadly. However, I feel like I should update both this thread and the game on dashingdon just as a way to say “I’m not dead yet.” :joy_cat:

With that out of the way, to anyone still interested, here’s the link again:

Do share your thoughts and opinions on it!


Aye this is pretty good


@Tama897 aye this is great


I really liked the back story part. The scene of the assassination of your family is simply great. I also enjoyed the various weapons choice.
By the way can we recruit Daniel for our crew? The kid needs a job and we need a crew, it would be a pretty prudent solution.


Thank you for trying it out! :smiley_cat:
I’m still thinking about the crew choices tbh. I want to make them as free as possible, but I’m also afraid of not being able to do it properly without characters coming off as kind of shallow at points. Glad to know that you like the little guy though! :smile_cat:

That’s not a bad plan actually, but I fear balancing that many statuses may be too hard for me but I’ll see if I can work it out.

@New_to_coding @Karl341 Thanks for trying it out! :smile_cat:


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