Slides and Materials From My ChoiceScript Workshop

A while back I mentioned that I was giving a ChoiceScript workshop at the Flights of Foundry con. I’ve now posted my slides and other materials from my ChoiceScript workshop.

The workshop was three hours. The first hour served as an introduction to and overview of stats-based choice games and choice-based structures. The second hour dove into coding in ChoiceScript using the VS Code extension. The final hour looked at how to select stats and structure your choices.

This wouldn’t have existed without the incredible generosity of so many people who’ve freely shared their knowledge about interactive narrative. Brian Rushton was especially kind both to post his awesome analysis of CoG games as I was planning the workshop and also to read over the workshop presentation and provide feedback. Thanks also to everyone who responded to my questions about what CS concepts you’d struggled with. It informed my presentation and how I tackled the interactive parts of the workshop.