Slammed! Previews and Primer

One day to go! I can’t wait! I almost clicked a wrestling link but then I resisted the urge. I shall remain ignorant. I did find your write ups of the various characters interesting.

ONE DAY! One day… :frowning:

What style gets the super kick because i REALLY want that as a finisher, I’m leaning towards high flyer as a style since my favorite wrestler if all time is Jeff Hardy

Well, it’s worth pointing out that Apple still hasn’t actually approved Slammed! yet, so things may get totally f’ed up.

But hopefully they’ll approve it later today. It usually only takes them 6 days to approve, and we submitted last Thursday (I think, maybe Friday?).

It is ready to go on AAA, Play, and Chrome.

Awww Yeahh!

Sweet, as long as it’s on Chrome, I’m good.

I’m interested in this one… I’ll try the demo first. If that pulls me in then I’ll buy it.


It is Friday the 28th now. I am counting the hours. I keep refreshing. I want to play Slammed.

I’m waiting too, wondering when it’s going to be released. :slight_smile:

I’m partly anxious to go through Slammed because I did watch wrestling, but that was quite a while ago.

Mostly, I’m anxious to read it because it seems like one hell of a lengthy game/book, with hopefully quite a few branches. And it’s different too.

What time do the games normally get released? For sanity reasons. :slight_smile: I’m guessing it’s normally around 9am, PST or something.

I can’t remember when they’re released.

I will be going crazy today refreshing and refreshing. I’m so excited. Slammed is amazing and I don’t even like wrestling. I really want to discuss it with everyone.

Can you play as a female character in Slammed?

It’s 5:30 over here in Maryland (Eastern time). Still no Slammed!.
I’ve actually sat up the last few hours watching clips of my favorite wrestlers on Youtube.
Am I the only one that misses The Hardy Boys (back when they still had Lita)?

@Winterborn Yes, you can.

Your praise makes me wonder whether I should just go ahead and purchase it rather than try the demo briefly first. :slight_smile:

But soon you’ll be able to talk! You don’t have to restrain yourself for much longer!

Edit: @Gran, I’m tempted to pop The Wrestler on myself. Or Warrior (though that’s a MMA film, rather than wrestling.)

@FairyGodfeather: Oh no, you broke the NDA! We must now burn you in the Wicker Man to appease the lawyer gods! :wink:

@DavidGil That movie was awesome. I watched it on Netflix, but if i find the time I might go back and watch it again. Might throw some “IP Man” and “Blood & Bone” into the mix to really get my wrestler blood pumpin.

@DavidGil You lose nothing by trying out the game. However, I’d definitely suggest buying it. It’s an excellent game, and I say that as someone who’s utterly clueless about wrestling. I loved Slammed! I’m looking forward to actually being able to talk about the specifics of what I loved about it.

@Ramidel OH NO!!! Oh no!!!

I think something as simple as you can play as female, on a thread about the game, on the day of release isn’t a huge issue. Well I hope @Chikiamco will forgive me. I’ve been trying to be so good. It would be a shame if someone didn’t buy the game because they thought you were stuck just being a male wrestler. :slight_smile:

Slammed is up on the Amazon app store. :slight_smile: In the UK anyway.

Noooo!!! While I’m in the UK I can’t use Amazon apps. I’ve to wait for it to come out on Chrome. If you do buy it be sure to review the game once you play it.