SLAMMED! on Steam, with new endings!


Hi everybody.

I recently purchased Slammed! on Steam and have been very impressed. It’s my first Choice of Games product and I just wanted to drop by and thank everyone involved.

I’m not particularly knowledgable about wrestling (although I’ve seen enough to be familiar with the moves used in Slammed!) but, being from the UK, I particularly appreciated the references to the British wrestling scene in the Sagramore storyline (eg an opponent called Crabtree; women’s wrestling being banned from an Albert Hall-like site).

I’ve been having a lot of fun trying various things and attempting to rack up the achievements (on one quick play through I even manged to get “The Chosen One” (immunity on the reality show) and now can’t for the life of me remember how I did it!).

I do have one specific (and possibly quite spoilery) question for you all: in the Battle Royale, when a certain masked wrestler returns to the GWA, there’s an option to avoid being eliminated (by Blue Whale IIRC) by landing on the barrier and jumping to the ring apron. This is always greyed out/ unselectable for me no matter my stats so how do we manage it? I’m assuming it requires certain stats to be at certain levels? Thanks.


SLAMMED! was one of the things on my “COG/HG to-buy” list, so I bought a Steam copy. I’m not interested in wrestling but the reviews keep repeating that it’s an amazing game even for people like me.

I’ll try again to sign up to follow you. I tried doing a search for “Choice of Games”/“COG” from the curator index (yes, it was the “curator search” field) but couldn’t find it from there.


@Sashira I believe this will get you to the Choice of Games Steam Curation page:

And you may be surprised; I know a couple people, (not just me) who ended up enjoying Slammed for the writing/story direction, and not because of the wrestling aspect. Of course, if you don’t care for it, that’s understandable to (most of those I know who didn’t like it was mostly due to it being wrestling as well)


I’ve absolutely no interest in wrestling at all. I loved Slammed! though. It’s still one of my favourite games.


Hi super excited about the update i was just wondering how existing customers can update? does it do it automatically? im not sure if mine has or not my version is on the chrome webstore btw


I managed to follow the curator list with that, thanks. Haven’t gotten to Slammed! just yet, but I am expecting to enjoy it. Maybe I can convince some of my wrestling fan friends to give it a try as their first COG.

Note to @FairyGodfeather, COG staff, et al - it seems to be impossible to find the COG curator page without having a direct link to it (it does not show up in a curator search), COG doesn’t show up in “Community” if you search “people/groups/etc.”, and I’ve also had technical problems trying to follow the group because I am apparently not signed in (though I am for all other purposes and my login name/profile is currently displayed.) I think that most of this is Steam being Steam, but if there is a way to index COG better, it’s worth looking into.


@Sashira I’d email that to the support email address so either @dfabulich or @jasonstevanhill can address it. (Whichever is the one that deals with the Steam stuff) We moderators don’t have any fancy powers outside of the forums.


And see, this is why I tagged you. You’re pigeon-on-the-spot with this sort of information. :grinning: I’ll let them know.


The main reason I know about the COG Curation list is that it naturally recommends their games. The other list I find it from is the Hella Yuri list (a curation list started by Hanako Games for games which contain lesbian relationships, or strong indications of one)


As far as I know, the only thing we can do is try to rack up more followers! We post the curation link on the blog and in every blog post/email about Steam stuff we do, and we also link to it from inside our Steam games (“More games like this.”)

P.S. In general, I try to post a “login redirect” link, like this, when posting a link to the curation page.

Because if you navigate directly to the curation page and you’re logged out of Steam, trying to follow us (or anyone) results in an ugly error message, “There was a problem trying to follow the Steam Curator.”)


@JEPelerin - I’m glad you enjoyed it, especially the UK aspect. I wanted to tap into wrestling histories from outside North America, and the UK has this great book called “The Wrestlers” (I think) and that allowed me to learn a lot about the pre-WWE glory days.

As for that specific question, you need to be husing a high flying wrestling style, and have a technique stat of higher than 75.

@beyonce - I’ve never used the Chrome webstore but I think you’d need to update it manually? Even if it’s supposed to update automatically there should be a way to manually trigger that. The Chrome’s version has already been updated with the achievements etc. :slight_smile:


I brought this game in the Windows Web Store. So, how do I go about updating it? And in the case I can’t updated through that, is there any way I can be given credit to obtain it through the Chrome web Store.


@Alexandra_Reilly Choice of Games have no way to credit purchases in one store to any store other than the one at I’ve no idea if the Windows Web Store version was updated. I’d hope so. Have you checked the game to see if it is?


I figured they wouldn’t able to credit purchases to another. As for checking my Windows Web Store version, I have and it’s not updated.


Many thanks for that - have managed to dazzle in the battle royale now (I was going along the right lines but any time I’ve pumped tech that high I’d gone for the pain/ submission style - I like to make 'em tap!).

Is the book you’re thinking of Simon Garfield’s “The Wrestling”? Have thumbed through it in the shops and have always heard good things about it.

Another, very trivial, question before I depart to try and work out how to give JJ a (DQ risking) beating… I’m having a hard time visualising the “tights and boyish top” option when choosing your new costume in the female storyline. What sort of outfit did you have in mind?


@Alexandra_Reilly I’d suggest emailing the choice of games support email address and ask them what’s up. They may have forgotten the Windows Web Store exists and forgotten to submit the patch there. (I know they’re no longer publishing games there). It might just be the Windows Store is taking a long time to implement the patch there. There could be a magic update button that we’re both unaware of. It could be something else.


Yep, that’s the book!

As for fashion, ah it’s been a while. Someone from Shimmer with a T-shirt and tights I think, but I can’t recall anymore exactly who,


Right - I think know now what you have in mind. Thanks again.


I managed to get every other steam achievement, but I can’t figure out how to get Time Splitter. Could anyone tell me what the parameters for that are, or at least point me in the right direction?


@Merlance You need to defeat JJ, make friends with Griss/Genua again, and get the ending at home, with both of them.