Slammed! Break up


Is there a way in Evelyn’s romance to not go through the fake break up about the photos with JJ, I remember doing it once before? Also is there a way so her or Madison don’t end up getting piledrived by JJ?


The only way to not go with the game breakup is to have low keyfab and tell the truth about your feud with JJ.


Ok thanks it’s been bugging me for a while because I know I had done it once. Also sorry to bug, but how do you get a low keyfab also what is it I forgot :sweat_smile:


Just go against your persona (like if you are a heel choose the nice options and vice versa) and choose the options that show the truth about the wrestling world


Thanks when Alex Dobbs did this it annoyed me so much.


The fake break up is what make the story so touching and memorable … i also kind of like the enigmatic scene when Evelyn’s fans cried foul on how the company “badly” handle their idol , threatening to quit watching wrestling if the news is true…

and the moment where Evelyn and Madison both reveal their feeling to me on center stage of a live televised event is simply the classic :slight_smile:


Maybe, but I’d rather her and Madison not get piledrived by JJ.


Ah, yes I remember that fake break up storyline. I always screwed over JJ for a title shot against Solitary. Great story.


DId you beat Solitary ? how you did that ? :slight_smile:


I always romanced JJ cuz… well, antagonists rule.


I usually romance them on my female playthrough.


Now, here is a question: Was I the only one that would’ve rather had Alex as an RO instead of Madison or Evelyn? That puppetmaster vibe was way more interesting to me.


Don’t think that woman could love anyone. The MC would’ve probably have been a distraction or a way to relieve some stress for her when she felt like it, then she’d thrown you away.


I heard someone mention Alex Dobb is an RO and your manager if you don’t have one…

there will be some romance scene with Alex but nothing close to be a couple with her… she will explain why though


Yeah I beat Solitary. If I remember right, I had high kayfabe, screwed over both JJ and Paul for the title shot at the PPV before Ring of Valhalla. When Super Horns wanted to talk after he betrayed the team, I heard him out and found out what was wrong with Solitary. When RoV came around, I started the match by going all out then talked some trash. Went all out again. Broke up a pin after eating one of Solitary’s finishers. Then there was a option to talk to Solitary about turning the shoot fight into a work which he agreed to. Then I won the match and the title.