Single Character

I’m positive something like this has been asked before, but are there a lot of games that feature the player playing as one specific character, kind of like a “regular” video game (examples like The Witcher, SOMA, Transistor, etc come to mind), or are they largely character-creation-based stories (like Fallen Hero, Elder Scrolls, etc). I’m wondering because I’ve got some good ideas for stories on both ends, but the market that I’ve seen is pretty… I dunno, tabula rasa as far as characters go. I’m okay with that, I can make a D&D campaign just as well as a novel, but I do like the idea of having a character you play as and make decisions for, much like the MCs in Lovestruck games (where a lot of the choices are player-based, but the character still has their own personality laced through), though some of my initial ideas have had the player in a much more solid mind. That doesn’t mean there aren’t choices, right, that just means the character’s personality isn’t necessarily the choice. Tbh, SOMA is a good example of what I mean, if any of y’all have played that, or like, Red Dead obviously.

There are plenty of games here that received positive reception such as Samurai of Hyuga and Fallen Hero:rebirth for example that followed that formula. The protagonist had their own backstories and set personalities that you can still shape somewhat. The Grim and I did this somewhat because the premise of that game was pretty unique…I won’t spoil it though.

I don’t think many would mind if you wrote a story with a set protagonist as long as it’s written well if that’s what your question was.