Simple Player Character Race Option


I’ve been struggling for a long while with implementing a race choice (for fantasy races of course). Some people have posted about it but all of the methods seemed too complicated for my liking. I assume that’s because everyone is just coming up with this same system as a matter of common sense since I based off the most simple gender system I could find. But here it is anyway.

What this does is give you a fast flexible way to mention the make of weapons, nationality and the race of a PC. Please note that as is these quicktags {race}, {nationality} and ${make} will always mimic the Players choice.


*create race "elf" *create nationality "elven" *create make "elven"

Choice Example


*label race

From which of the people do you hale young ${man}?


	*set race "elf"
	*set nationality "elven"
	*set make "elven"
	*goto race2

	*set race "orc"
	*set nationality "orcish"
	*set make "orcish"
	*goto race2

#Eldrich Horror
	*set race "ancient ones"
	*set nationality "eldrich"
	*set make "eldrich"
	*goto race2

*label race2

You are one of the {race} from the lands of the {nationality} people and you’re weapons are of ${make} design.[/code]

Now you could skip right over the race2 label. But it’s a good way to test that all of the variables were actually working when you quicktag them. Hope this was helpful and thanks for reading.

P.S. if anyone knows how I could set up a similar system to reference other races in quicktags I’d love to know how. Especially if there was a way to have say the make of a weapon become randomized.
for example You’re weapons are of “random race” design.


I won’t call the curly-parens tag as “quicktag,” as there’s the correct term reference (under “truly bizarre references”).

As for the use of your {quicktag} (I’ll call it reference next on), I think you still need the dollar sign. Choicescript won't recognize <i>referred</i> variables in-text if you don't put the on it.

As for the randomization, it’s pretty easy. The basic flow of the code should be like this

*create make ""
*create roll 0

#Randomize me
   *rand roll 1 3
   *if roll = 1
      *set make "eldritch"
   *elseif roll = 2
      *set make "elven"
      *set make "orcish"


Welp sorry for the terminology fail. But thanks for the help. I really struggle with code and wouldn’t be able to use CS at all without this awesome community and people willing to use the coding equivalent of small words.


FYI, sandwich your code with triple grave accents (```) to “codify” them.
Or use the button that looks like </> this in the comment toolbar.