Silent Gear Review

ITT: Necromancy…

I don’t think so. SG is published so I think a discussion on it can be had any time, and the latest comment was very relevant.


For me, this would have worked out if it was just another story book, but it was a choice game. It didn’t Make full use of the fact that the reader had choices that could potentially impact the story.

Btw @LordOfLA necromancy is only for WIPs, unless you’re implying that this published game is a WIP, then that’s just mean :smiling_imp:

No I just mean a whole year between last post and most recent posts. Not a good idea.

My urges to review must of stirred the necromancy inside of me :wink:

Naw, was the previous two posts that necro’d the thread.

It’s actually in the rules under the ‘Keep it Tidy’ section that it’s preferred to keep discussion on a published game on one thread rather than start a new one. The ‘No thread necromancy’ rule mainly applies to the WiP threads.


That’s up to the guys upstairs then. Re-using old threads runs the risk of beating dead horses and people trying to talk to others that aren’t around any more though.

Well, Jason seems to agree with me that this wasn’t necromancy.

Think this is more of a risk if people start new threads to talk about an old topic-- if the expectation is that they’ll pick up the old thread, then there’s at least some small chance that they’ll glance over what’s been said already.

When a WIP hasn’t been updated or talked about in ages, it’s almost certainly dead. So necro-ing those threads is discouraged. Reviews of a published game are always welcome.


I rather liked the game, literacy and content. It’s a tad too linear but the mini games are a quite a nice new option, wish it could be used to effect the relationship you have with the others on the organization more or get enough $$ to ‘fix’ your Argumentation if you destroyed say your arms (medical costs).

Although when Selene came along and it was just ‘forced attraction’, I didn’t like that considering I am a girl and that is most definitely not my preferred attraction area ._. She came into the MC’s room, I thought “NOPE. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! GO AWAY :frowning: SHOO SHOO FELIX SAVEME!” :confused:
There should be another romance option say, you saving Todd or something and something blossoms. Even if the MC is a guy, it could be a male x male romance. (21st century is becoming more and more acceptable to sexual orientations.)

I do recommend checking out Hosted Game’s “A Study in Steampunk” (Flint’s MC romance option is one of the best i have seen so far and can connect with) and “Fate Haven”, “Zombie Exodus” was pretty good to for character connection and development.

In my opinion I’d rather have a story focused more on emotional attachment to a character than just mindlessly be forced into a romance with just that one character.

Don’t forget that CoG forums are SUPER DUPER HELPFUL in story building. From the ones I’ve visited the community gives VERY constructive feedback.

I’m not going to do numerical rating since I don’t like numbers… but I say this was Good.

I don’t quite understand on how to fight the boss

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