Show us Your Book Collection!

I swear there was a thread like this beforehand but I’ve just searched through sixteen pages of the forum (nothing better to do obviously) and can’t find it anywhere… I apologize if I missed it!

Anyway, I was (still am) cleaning out my room and assembled most of my books in one big pile:

Big Picture

It’s all Fantasy - I think there might be the odd (one, maybe two) sci-fi books in there.

Narrow minded? Perhaps. I just prefer to ‘get out of this world’ when reading, something it’s very easy to do whilst reading Fantasy.

Anyone else got pictures of their own collection?


You have just earnt a couple of epic points because I spotted Dawnthief I love that series (also noticed Cry of the Newborn and Shout of the dead also great books) I love James Barclay (he an Brian Lumley are my two favourite authors).

Personally I’d love to play a CoG game that resembled the chronicles of the raven.

Ahhhhh, I love him! He was my first (adult book) read.
Waiting on “Elves: Beyond the Mists of Katura” now - so epic :slight_smile:

And please, please, PLEASE don’t tempt me… I’m having enough trouble finishing Terminal as it is without an awesome idea like that getting in my way xD

No Terry Prachett Asimov and Tolkien and dont forget Frank Herbert and Orwell a Big Buuu for you [-(
It was a joke


My older brother got me into James Barclay (read all the books so far apart from light stealer)

Its on my to do list myself lol

Unnatural Season One
Secret Project with @Pale_Strider
Unnatural Season Two
Project Leap
Raven-esque Fantasy game

@MaraJade Tolkien isn’t in the pile but I do have him somewhere… I must be honest I’ve never fallen for Pratchett, as I’ve never liked the comedy element - I watch TV for my laughs - The Hogfather adaption was amazing though!

I have a book by Orwell somewhere… But it’s a ‘How to Write’ book, not a book book. I’ll add him to my list! :smiley:

If you want help with the Raven one, count me in.

Has anyone here ever read R.A. Salvatore?
Or terry brooks for that matter?


When I get round to it I’d happily accept you as one of my Raven brethren :smiley:

First box, bottom left in my picture is all Terry brooks! :smiley:
He’s a machine - I can’t say I’ve kept up with him, but I love everything I’ve read so far!

Can’t wait!

Yes his book 1984 are part of my game lore also the same with brave new world by Aldux Huxley are free and without copyright at least in spain more than 50 years the two and in the list top of 100 books from 20th century and are short so everyone please read them to understand my demo B-)

I have a few hundred books littered on three big bookcases (and under my bed :p) so i dont think ill name them all for you!

Same for me @Raven last time i count i have 890 and was 8 years ago!

A picture is worth a thousand words!

<3 Name of the Wind. Wise Man’s Fear appears to be absent though. :frowning: I’d say the latter (the former’s sequel) is better than the former, believe it or not. Kind of reminds me of Way Walkers.

That’s my book collection I have back home, the rest of my books are all at my apartment.

Although small in comparison (and no pic) I’m a big fan of David Gemmell- only missing a couple. But he has it all, love, betrayal, honour, and thee occasional war lord getting hit over the head with a giant axe. Most noticeably book one of the damned-white wolf,Druss the legend and Waylander

Always been a fan of history, Non-Fiction stuff but I do like historical fiction and there’s some really great books like “To Your Scattered Bodies Go” from Philip Jose Farmer’s “Riverworld” series and one of my other favorite books is “All the King’s Men” by Robert Penn Warren, especially since it draws its parallels to Huey P. Long.

This are my books that i read most:

And this are my other “books”:

What are books? >_>

@FallingWithStyle I bought that one before Christmas, I haven’t actually read it yet (hence the lack of the sequel).

@RockBou Nice collection. Have you read anything by Bernard Cornwell?

@DreamWalker I’ve seen some David Gemmel books scattered around my Dad’s house, but I’ve yet to try them myself. Perhaps I will!

@P0RT3R Lol :smiley:

@RVallant Books are… Books <_<