Short Stories: Expiry Date and Stray Arrow


Taking a break from Blackraven, I’ve decided to pen two short stories.
I’ve written the briefest of intro’s for both of them - please take a look and tell me which you would like to read first.

NOTE: DON’T CLICK ON STATS - It won’t exactly crash, but nothing good will happen, so… don’t do it!

Also, if you like puzzles, take a moment to look at the two mazes I’ve created on my website. Both require a sharp mind to solve.


I liked the intros for both of the stories.
I myself am more into Stray Arrow, though there was one thing I wasn’t sure of.
Is “Stray Arrow” in a modern setting?


Yes, Stray Arrow is set in modern day Seoul.


I’m liking the sound of Expiry Date. Are you planning on writing these stories after Blackraven?


They are both planned as short stories that I will write before Blackraven is complete (that one is going to take a while to finish!)
I will leave enough room in both to make a longer story in the future, if I decide to go that way.


Only read through expiry date so far reminded me abit of Logans run with the age limit. Could be interesting.

Edit: just read stray arrow that could be very interesting I liked how you brought the battle of Hastings into it lol


I think viewers need a bit more to go on with the puzzle mazes, some sort of hint or guide to get started. There’s evidently something going on with numbers, colors, and/or letters, but it’s not clear what you’re looking for in the first place.


The whole game for Stray Arrow will be one assignment. The choices you make will determine how successful you are.

@Nocturnal_Stillness Believe it or not, but I’d never heard of Logan’s Run until you mentioned it. I feel bad now as that’s pretty much the plot I was going for - with a slightly more realistic ‘age’, though, if I do say so myself. I’ll have to play around with that a little more to make it more original.

@HoraceTorys The only advice I can give is that you need to find the pattern before you can start moving. The Pie puzzle has been solved, but 49 steps hasn’t. For 49 Steps, look carefully at the picture for clues and hints.


Hmm. Hard to decide…do I pick the one with Seoul? …Hm. Yeah. Stray Arrow.


@andymwhy I like Stray Arrow the best. Woud you mind reading the first part of my story ‘Legions of Rome’ and give me your thoughts?



I saw Logan’s run years ago and haven’t seen many other stories/films that follow a similar plot so keep at it definitely worth pursuing. Not to say Stray Arrow isn’t worth pursuing both are very good ideas :slight_smile:


@Shintaro Stray Arrow seems to be proving popular. I’ll try and add a few different locations in Seoul into the story.

@mattnoles Thanks for your thoughts. I’ll take a look at your game now - expect a comment soon.

@Nocturnal_Stillness I’ll think about how I can change it, although with this premise, the plot kind of writes itself. I’ve done a little research since you last posted; apparently, the Koreans in the Goryeo Dynasty actually used to do this. As food was short, to be able to feed newly born babies, they would take the oldest people up a mountain and leave them there to fend for themselves; which usually meant they would die.



if you want why not replace humanity with synthetics and when a unit reaches 60 they are summoned to a factory where they are stripped down to make new units.


I will stick with humans. Instead, I will make the game a moral choice. It is a short story after all. Sure, it may be similar to Logan’s Run, but I can live with that.


Fair enough and Logan’s Run was good, a game based on a similar premise would be cool too :slight_smile:


Lol @NocturnalIStillness sounded like Soylent Green, very good movie.


Now that is a great movie, but I’m not heading in that direction with this.


Great story’s ,I think I like Expiry date better because it’s about how you live out your days in your last month alive right?
How short will the story’s be like Dillema short or more than that?


Thanks, @ChrisD

Stray Arrow will be one scenario with 14 endings, only 3 of which are fully successful. It’s short, but complete (the plan, that is).

Expiry Date is proving more difficult right now as I’ve started changing the plans a little. At this point, I can’t really comment on the length as I have no idea myself, but comparing it to Dilemma sounds about right for length (at least what I hoped for to begin with - Choice games have a habit of spiralling into monsters!)