Shepherds of Haven (WIP) (DEMO UPDATE: 3 Aug 2021)

my boi Chase, no contest

Actually, Riel seems right up my history nerd MC’s alley. I can imagine their friendship would be just like my irl friend and I’s, constantly swapping books and spending hours and hours theorizing and debating romance options in Dragon Age historical people and events and their motivations and causes, or our ongoing two-year long conversations/completely speculative theories, like how [spoilers for Dragon Age] the Black City is actually Arlathan gee, thanks Egg, Andraste was actually not just a mage, but a Corrupted mage in the same way the Grey Wardens were, because she was mostly infertile her entire life after a rare, almost fatal illness hit her as a child, and how she could hear the Maker’s voice but what if she was really just hearing the Calling you guyssssssss, and other, longer conversations that I can’t keep track of all of a sudden, and yeah, I’m just really excited for my MC and Riel to have a good friendship.

On the other hand, Ayla wants a family.
My MC doesn’t want to admit that she wants a family but she’s already scooped up Caine somehow.
It’s a platonic match made in Haven!


romance options in Dragon Age

rival Isabella is the most adorable and you can’t prove to me otherwise >:c

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@rose-court About that spoiler bit… how did you find out?!?

@Gwenstn You can have your Isabella but I raise you a Fenris in a relationship with a mage. The a n g s t.

The spoiler part was Solas creating the Veil , everything else is speculation between my friend and I.

I completely misunderstood what you were asking, sorry!!! :scream: I thought I mentioned how everything in the spoiler tags were just theories and speculations on the part of my friend and I. I’m really sorry if I caused any confusion! :cold_sweat:

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I kinda directed the question more towards the author, since she’s the only one who actually knows all the characters.
Anyway your friend seems pretty awesome, I wish I had a friend who can talk about things like that.
By the way I think the maker didn’t create the world but he’s just a spirit in the fade that was created due to the belief of people in him. Kinda like how demons are created by the emotions of people. The maker is probably really powerful at this point, but since the people believe he gave up on them and won’t interfere he’d just stay in the fade doing nothing.


I think this is getting a bit of off topic. I would recommend moving on a private thread. =)

@Frogs That’s a tough question! They’re all my babies, I can’t choose a favorite! :sob:

If you absolutely forced me to, I would say I’ve gone through different phases with each character where they took the spotlight for me. The ones that stand out are:

  • Blade because I like his side story best (a lot of the time) and he’s a fun (but complex, challenging) personality to write. He’s also the oldest of my characters besides the imagined MC so I’m most familiar with him.

  • Chase because of his fun, riotous, (completely off-the-walls) personality.

  • Trouble because he’s the easiest to write–he’s very straightforward with his intentions and mannerisms so there’s no need to layer or hint at anything, it’s all right there to see.

  • Lavinet because her character surprises me the most out of any of the characters. She just starts doing and saying stuff that I don’t expect, if that makes any sense… I’m not a crazy person, I promise

  • Riel because I really enjoy his interactions with other recruitable characters and making his personality mesh with the group’s.

But honestly, they’ve all been my favorite at some point or another while others took a backseat. They’re all in rotation! Even Croelle has been the black sheep favorite at some point. It just depends on what mood I’m in and who I happen to be writing about that day. :sweat_smile:


:astonished::astonished: Oh my word! I am really looking forward to know about him


Those little blurbs only make it harder for me to choose who to romance first! :cold_sweat:

Buuuuuut at least it has solidifies my desire to become Best! Science! Buds!™ with Riel, lol.

And I am even more intrigued by Lavinet now. A noblewoman Norm who joins the Shepherds? Even in a ragtag group like the Shepherds, that’s unique as hell, so her story–in my eyes–has the biggest potential of being the most interesting of all the Shepherds. A real darkhorse, that one.


It doesn’t matter, I am sure you will romance everyone that strikes your fancy before you put the game down.

Also I never make up my mind ahead of time, I just let my first playthrough occur naturally as it just feels the best to me.

Would it be difficult to recruit Riel and Chase together? I mean a thief and a merchant leader would be kinda conflicted to each other




yeah, but who is the best romance?

obviously we have to know

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I think @rinari mentioned before that we can’t recruit all recruitable characters in one playthrough. :thinking:

In the case of Chase and Riel, it is possible to get both! It is just very very difficult.

That is all I have to say on the matter. :upside_down_face:


By saying the magic word of power, of course!


Who can resist politeness of that magnitude??? lol



MC: Guys, will you both join me?
Riel and Chase: Nah fam
MC: bends the fabric of time, space and reality


MC: :sunglasses::point_right::point_right: how about now?

[Riel and Chase have joined your party!]


So… who do we have to murder? :worried: It’s not Trouble, is it? :anguished:


MC: bends the fabric of time, space and reality

more like:
MC: presses restart button